Quotes for life - 08

Falling man:

" Many obnoxious people, with glee, laugh at the fallen men and derive immense pleasure out of others' miseries. These sadists don't realize  the impact of the edit of god.  Theirs  will be the next ones  in line - head over their heels. Perhaps, they may be pushed  far deeper into the abyss where the Devils will play tango with them!"

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Transient world beyond grave:

" Come to think of it, the outcome of valor or violence or victory  is transitory, but that of  love and compassion  is ever lasting, soul-stirring  far beyond the grave".
 Power of discretion:

"The line between 'YES' and 'NO' is wiggly and blurred. People who  take decisions on the spur of the moment  may land in trouble. In a tough situation, use your discretion without reservation. When dealing with people of different stature, be careful."Don't ever say to them 'NO' out of arrogance and contempt and 'YES' out of  cowardice and fear".

Vigilante justice:

 "Vigilante justice has no room in the civilized society. Bear  it in mind: "Pain can not be won by another pain. When violence is met by violence,  vengeance  is met by  vengeance, it is nothing but  total annihilation. You're opening the flood gate to anarchy".


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 "Happiness is a state mind and is always with us, but unfortunately, it is, more often  than not, edged out by  comparing us with other people  and  by a tinge of envy and hatred that may raise their ugly head  hidden in us".