Entrepreneur and health

Bernard Health
If  you want to succeed in your life, be it a company job or business, a good, normal health is a  necessity and  it is  is essential for all. If you are running a start - up or a fairly established company, facing a plethora of  problems or  issues is part and parcel of your business life. How can you face the unexpected problems cropping up somewhere down the line? Being the boss, confrontation of some issues - normal or serious requires lots of patience, guts, quick decision-making  to plug the holes. Unless  there is a perfect coordination between physical and mental alertness,  being in a pressure-cooker situation you may become fatigued, indecisive and disoriented. So, for a young entrepreneur, a robust health is a must.

The following are the facts that need serious consideration:

01. Pay serious attention to your health, for health is wealth. If you have good health, you can achieve success and acquire wealth at any cost.

02. Stay focused on your physical and mental health as both of them are inter-dependent. Lack of either of the two means your chances of success in your life may be delayed or negated very thing you have worked for.

03. Invariably in this "on line world" where paper work has become less in the offices, people depend, out and out more, on Internet facilities than anything else. It means more hours are spent before the computer and the jobs have become sedentary. There is no mobility whatsoever. So avoid sitting in one place for a long time.

04. If  your work takes  you through the office whole day, particularly before the computer, make it a point to take a break every 1 1/2 hours,  walk around for 5 to 10 minutes in  the office, be yourself and relax. Such a break from the routine monotonous work will improve the blood circulation in the body. If you come back to your work you will be fresh and energized.

05. Coffee / tea break is a time to relax and loosen up yourself;  a chance to keep your mind off from unfinished work.

06. Don't ever postpone your works when you can do them today itself. Additional backlog will only aggravate your mental stress. Try to be punctual when it comes to work.

07. When thing don't progress they way you planned, avoid tension. Try to think calmly without losing patience. With clear mind, decision taken at the right juncture, will make things work for you.

08. When your progress is slow, take a break, go on a short vacation or read books at home or play  with your children or pets. When you get back to work and shake the kaleidoscope, a clear pattern will show up. You may feel rejuvenated.

09. A tense situation may arise if you pick on your team's small excusable mistakes. It is no use, making a mountain out of a mole hill.
10. To beef up your  overall health, concentrate on aerobic exercise. In the early morning go jogging for 30 to 40 minute
s. Use tread mill or do skipping for  1/2 hour, if you are unable to go outdoors.

if you follow the above suggestions, you will positively see some improvement in your health as well as in your company's progress.