Quotes for life 08


The worst form of vulgarity and petty publicity lies in self adulation and crass oral or physical display of ones riches.

Road to success:

"When ego, pride and arrogance nose dive, there begins  the man's journey on the road  to sanity and success." 

Marie D. Tiger

"Never ever give room to self-pity, it is retrograde. Wallowing in self-pity is the hardest roadblock on the path to success".

 Sensible human relationship:

"To become a successful businessman or a leader, one should learn  the art of dealing with people of all kinds. It consists of appreciation, pacification, opposition, submission, gift and grit. Sensible human relationship with mutual respect is  pivotal in all fields".

The bad effects of riches:

Seven Pillars Institute
"Man's misfortune begins to raise its ugly head,  the moment his riches take control over him and make his head work over time and  wobble with pride and stupidity".

Jantoo Cartoons

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Cartoon Movement
 " It is the "Victory" that is gained through charity and unselfishness is like a beacon - ever lasting for generations and the inspiration will never diminish".

Freedom and human rights:

Cartoon Movement
 "Freedom and human rights, fundamental to every soul on earth, will transcend all barriers and no way can be nullified  by distortions  of religious scriptures, caste, color, creed and racial differences."