Funny quotes & humor - 42

 Heaven and hell:

"God' made the universe,
'King' made the  country prosperous,
'Man' made the town livable and lovable,
'Woman' made the family happy.
'Children' made the home paradise,
Alas! 'politicians' poked their nose in every thing
and made the Earth hell."
Trump wall (hell)

Politicians and concubines:

Politicins hunting for votes. FunOnTheNe
A drunk man, in stupor, said:
''There is no difference between politicians and concubines. They never fail to speak  like saints in public, but act like devils from deep sea in private. When it comes to money, you can not make a bargain with them. If  you do, hell 'll break out"
Politician and his wants:

corrupt Indian politician in ICU. The Economic Times
"Politicians love three words - 'Victory' in the election, 'Publicity' by way of getting into controversy and 'Hospital' to take refuge under the pretext of ill-health if caught in a scam or scandal."