Mahboob Chowk clock tower - a legacy of the Nizams, Hyderabad

Mahboob Chowk clock tower, Hyderabad.

The Mahboob Chowk clock tower. Deccan Chronicle

The clock tower, a part of Mahboob Chowk, Hyderabad  is a fine freestanding  fine architectural structure. Across it is the  Moti Mahal, once the palace of the Nizams that is over a hundred year old. 

The Mahboob Chowk  is a historic city square  with a  5 storey structure  close to Charminar and Lad Bazaar. Constructed in 1892 by Asman Jah, the Prime Minister of Hyderabad, the Turkish-styled clock tower was surrounded by elevated gardens when the rulers were enjoying power and pelf. The clock had four sides and could be viewed from any direction.  In those days wearing a watch was a luxury, far beyond the reach of  people from the lower strata of the society. Common man had to use public clock tower to find the time. Hence, this clock tower was  a gift from the ruler for the benefits of common people who 
could go about with their daily activities, keeping track of time.

Unfortunately, today the 135 plus year old clock is in bad shape on account of negligence on the part of city authorities. Though it lies in neglect, its old  charm is not yet lost but will be losing it soon unless serious action is taken to restore this great monument  back to  its old glory and elegance