Making best impression when meeting new people ok.
That, first impression is the best impression, is the dictum people, who go for an interview or discuss business  or seek new friendship,  ought to follow. In our modern  and  civilized  society,  where corporate  culture  rules the roost, we have to follow certain norms that govern the  social grace  and decency.   Whether you attend a corporate meeting or  a  social club  or meet people for the very first time,  first impression makes a lasting impact on them and the  people around  you,  and  the benefit you get, is  you gain respect. It does not mean you should have an aura about you. Nor does  it imply that you should have the appearance of dashing  Hollywood or Bollywood  heroes  or heroines.  It is not only the way  you  dress that might impress other people,  but also a combination of  other factors  that will enhance  the  impression and leave a positive impression on the people whom you meet.  
Carefully  follow  the tips given below. You can't achieve success overnight, however, if you try them hard in a short time you can see  a change in your personality.

01. The first and fore most  thing about you is  your appearance.  You may be smart and intelligent,  but if  you are careless about your  appearance,  it will not  help you.  First of all Walk  or stand upright and be  immaculate in your appearance  with proper formal or informal dress, shoes, matching tie, etc. When you sit do not droop and sit straight as drooping  is  a  sign of  insecurity and lethargy. Particularly when  you face  interviews, you have to be careful.

02. When it comes to dress for official meetings, wear  color-coordinated  professional  dress and do not go for poorly matching ones. Your dress must be neatly  pressed  and clean. Proper dress is very important when you meet a person for the first time. Learn to  dress yourself according to the occasion and the person you are meeting. 

03. If you happen to shake hands with others on official work, or otherwise  shake hands firmly. It shows  that you have confidence and some grip over you.  It also implies warmth and firmness.

04. When you talk to  people, especially new acquaintances, it is imperative that you must have direct eye contact and look at the other person face to face.  Do not ever look over the shoulder of other person or side ways. It means that you are not showing any interest in the meeting. Keeping an eye contact is essential  as it tells the person that you are interested in listening to him/her. It also implies that you stay attentive.  Staring is altogether different.
05. Once you have known a person,  when you see him or her after a long interval, enquire about him/her  and his/her  family.  Some people will be impressed by such enquiry and it shows that you care about him/her. This will help the other person come closer and develop friendship with  you.

06. In the course of your conversation, be it business related or other wise, do not ever criticise other organisations or other people. Like wise do not indulge in profanity.

07. Mincing words or  giving indirect answer is not good  for professional people. Be firm when you answer or ask questions.

08. While on business duty,  avoid loose talk and do not pass judgement on others. Do not pretend. Pretention is a bad habit.


09. Avoid talking loudly,  shouting or making gestures is not good.  Like wise don't talk in low voice. When you do not talk loud enough it may irritate the other person.
10. When you deal with  women as part of your work or casually, you ought to be careful and  behave in a civilized  manner.  A little bit of etiquette is necessary.  When getting in or getting out of  car or entering a room, you must open the door for the ladies. While having dinner with women see to it they sit comfortably first. 


11. Biting  fingernails while talking is another sign of nervousness; keep your hands on your side or on your laps while talking to someone. 

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 12. Give importance to personal hygiene. Watch out for bad breath.

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13. Avoid offencive perfumes as much as you can, many people are allergic to them. When you go far interviews, it is not advisable to wear them.

14. If  you are sitting with people on the table while making a business deal or having formal talk,  then keep your hands off the table while talking;  don’t speak while eating.

15. Don’t keep fidgeting as this shows that you are getting nervous.

16. If you sweat a lot, keeping a deodorant or mild perfume handy and it  will help you not to be misjudged as a stinker. Like wisw wear clean socks daily. Dirty socks are equally bad.

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17. Smile  never fails to create  your personality and also define the type of person you are to others. Smile gives some kind of energy and brings people closer.  A meaningful smile is a reflection on your positive approach. 

18. People make connection and long for your company if you are easy-going and well-mannered. Confidence is the key to making a good and lasting  impression and it can help you communicate easily with people.

19. It is  significant that you do not interrupt the other person while he/she is talking. It is better to wait for him/her to finish  whatever  he/she is trying to convey and then put in your point. Further, try to talk in a  convincing way and do not be repetitive.

Most of all, if you trust your self and be confident, nothing will stand in your way  to gain  friendship and success.