Victoria Jubilee Town Hall and Connemara market, Thiruvanthapuram

Victoria Jubilee hall. Trivandrum

Thiruvanthapuram city (also Trivandram - Anglicized version)  and the district, Kerala is home to several monuments, beaches, long backwaters, etc.,  that crisscross   through beautiful coconut, Palm groves, lush green paddy fields, etc. The richest Hindu  temple in the world dedicated to Sri Padmanaba Swamy (ex Royal rulers family deity) is located in the heart of the city. There are many cononial building in this part of Kerala as Travancore once happened to be an important princely state before independence.

Victoria Jubilee Town Hall:

Victoria Jubilee Town Hall, popularly referred to  as VJT Hall, is a fine colonial building in the capital city of Thiruvanthapuram. Built with a view to  commemorating  the golden jubilee of the coronation of Queen Victoria in 1896, this old  structure still retains the old charm and elegance.  It is about 3km from the Thiruvanathapuram railway station. This building is extensively being used by the public  to display exhibition, conduct cultural programs seminars, conferences and public meetings. It is free, no fees are charged.

VJT Hall. Trivandrum Wikimedia Commons
Victoria Jubilee hall. Trivandrum Reddit
Victoria Jubilee Town Hall, under the management of   the General Administrative Department, is a multipurpose hall that can accommodate roughly 350 people at a time. It is not a big hall but stylish to look at. It is right across the  Government University College at Palayam.

Connemara market:

New Palayam Connemara market Trivandru

 Connemara market  situated at Palayam junction in Thiruvananthapuram city, is a popular old shopping complex established in 1857, surprisingly, during the worst revolt in the history of the British Empire Sepoy Mutiny that was going on across the northern states over East India Company's oppressive rule. The rebellion did not take place in this region for various reasons. This recently renovated market that has merged with the Saphalyam Complex adjacent to it, came into being during the reign of  Sri Uthradom Thirunal, the Maharjah of erstwhile Travancore  dynasty. The purpose of this market complex was to supply daily needs of essential commodities to the Army members.
At the entrance, there is an attractive Arched Gate that was built subsequently. It 
was inaugurated by Sir Connemara ( Sir Robert Bourke, 1st Baron Connemara), Governor of Madras Presidency on his visit to Thiruvananthapuram in 1888 and the market was named ‘Connemara market’ in honour of him.