Historical Daria Daulat Bagh gate, Srirangapatna

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Daria Daulat Bagh meaning  'Garden of the Wealth' is part of the summer palace - Dariya Daulat Palace of Tipu Sultan and is located in Srirangapatna, near the historical city of Mysore. Following Indo-Saracenic style, it is  mostly made of teak wood and  the ruler of Mysore Tipu Sultam built it in 1784. In the middle of 18th century, Tipu's father Hyder Ali wrested power from the traditional rulers, the Wodeyars

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Daria Daulat Bagh gate forms the main entrance to the palace. This huge arch-shaped gate with corrugate edges is set in the beautiful garden. A low angled flight of steps will take you to the gate. The gate may not be a spectacular one as some of those  found near Delhi or Agra.  The rectangular-shaped palace  is built on a raised platform with open corridors along the four sides of the platform with wooden pillars at the edges of the Plinth. The four unnoticeable staircases are built in the four partition walls.  Colourful frescoes in the style of Mysore painting can be seen on the walls, pillars, canopies and arches. The outer walls of the palace have frescoes of the battle scenes and portraits of rulers, etc., on the outer walls. Scrolls of thin foliage and floral patterns dominate the inner Walls. Equally attractive are the wooden ceilings of the palace displaying canvas painted with floral patterns. On the western wall, there are several valuable and historical paintings. Tipu Sultan's Museum is on the top floor  and  has  a collection of Tipu memorabilia, European paintings and Persian manuscripts. Tipu's fort and his palace Lal Mahal lie in ruins now, it was from this  fort here  Tipu launched his home-made with heat-resistant cased long-distance travelling missiles armed with sharp items  against the British during the war. It was a nightmarish experience for the British army. Paradoxically in the same fort Tipu was killed while fighting against the  British. Near the fort are the Jama Masjid and the Ranganathaswamy Temple.  Outside the fort is the Gumbaz that contains both Tipu and his father Hyder Ali's tombs.