St. George's Church - second oldest church, Hyderabad, India

St. Georges Church Abids, Hyderabad, India /en.wikipedia.or

CSI-St. George's Church built in 1844 AD is the oldest church in the city of Hyderabad, India. Originally an Anglican Church, it is b now under the management of  of the Church of South India, a uniting Church.

The establishment of churches in a Muslim ruled state is quite interesting. In the state of Nizam, South India  the British and the French tried their best to exert their influence on the ruler to get some trade benefits etc., and the rivalry continued until 1758 At the fag end the French forces called it quits and went back to their base in pondicherry, now in Tamil Nadu.
 The same  year saw the installation of a British Resident at the court of the Nizam. After a decade later, as per a new treaty  drawn between the  Nizam and the British,  the later supplied sepoys and British officers on condition that they should not be used  the EIC's's allies and the salaries of the British army should me met by the ruler. Over a period of time financially and militarily, the British became a force to reckon with. With more and more British families moving in, there was a need for additional  church to take care of the spiritual needs of the European families. Thus came up St. George's church, the second one after Christ Church. in 1836, the againstNizam made available a piece of land for building a church 
Mr. T.W.Wray, Postmaster, designed the church and devoted much of his time for supervising the construction work.  It was built by voluntary subscriptions for the use of the Protestant inhabitants worshipping according to the form and tradition  of the Church of England with the sanction of the Supreme Government of India.

The foundation stone was laid in February 1844 and the building work completed in the same year. The church was open to Service  on 19 September 1844. thus the the European community developed part of Hyderabad and built many churches for their various needs.,_Hyderabad