Parimala Ranganathar Perumal Temple, Mayiladuthurai: where the lord opened the door for the saint

Parimala Ranganathar Perumal Temple in Thiruvilandur of Mayiladuthurai town  on the banks of the cauvery river is one of the Pancharanga Kshetrams (also a Divya Desams shrine). Here, the the temple follows Pancharatra Agama and thenkalai Sampradayam (tradition). 

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The temple  with five - tired rajagopuram is an old temple built by various rulers  medieval Cholas, Vijayanagar Empire and Madurai Nayaks. From 5:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. six- kaala pujas are performed daily for the Moolavar. Here, the lord is believed to have blessed planet Chandra - moon god.
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In the sanctum, the main deity Parimala Ranganathar in Ananathasayanam posture (reclining), is a huge one made of 12 ft (3.7 m) green stone facing east. The consort of Parimala Ranganathar is Parimala Ranganayaki (also known as Chandrasaapa Vimochanavalli) Installed in the sanctum are  the images of river gods Cauvery and Ganga, as well as that of Santhana Gopalakrishnan. Brahma is craved on the wall, The other shrines are Yoga Narasimhar, Rama, Anjaneya, Surya and Chandra. here, the dwajasthamba mantabam and the garuda mantapam are well sculptered  with ornate pillar. One could see  several avatars (incarnation) in the garuda mantabam. Around the Srikovil (sanctum), there are three prakarams that house many of the small shrines.
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Above image:  Parimala Ranganathar Perumal Temple in Thiruvilandur of Mayiladuthurai town. Ornate stone pillars. 

There is an interesting legend about the lord of this temple.  Once upon a  visit to this place  saint Thirumangai Azhwar, one of the 12 Vaishnava Tamil saints, found the temple doors  locked. Grief-stricken and disappointed as he was, he sang in praise of Parimala Ranganathar, hoping the door would be opened soon for him,  but the door remained locked. His  continuous singing of divine hymns  did not reach the lord's ears. Having lost his patience  the terribly upset Thirumangai Azhwar told the deity Parimala Ranganathar to keep the temple for himself. No sooner had he uttered these words, than, to his surprise, the doors had flung open for the pious saint by the lord.
At this temple, daily worship is held  with accompanying music with nagaswaram (wind instrument) and tavil (percussion instrument), chanting of  sacred mantras by  temple priests. After the puja, the devotees pray to god and many  prostrate  before the deity - symbolic of total surrender to the Almighty. There are weekly, fortnightly and monthly  temple and puja rituals. 

The food offerings during the six times are curd rice, spiced rice, dosa, venpongal and sugar pongal respectively. In many temples, this ritual is not being followed. It is one among a few temples where naiyadvam (food meant for the lord) is prepared in the temple kitchen (madapalli) six times a day. 

The well-known- festivals of this temple  are the Chitrai festival, the 10-day Aaandal Aadi festival (July–August), Vaikunta Ekadasi (Margazhi; (December - January), Makara Sank(ranthi (January and Panguni Brahmotsavam ( Panguni ;March - April).