Fascinating Laxmanagarh Fort that stands on the rugged terrain!

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 The state of Rajasthan has innumerable forts that vie with one another for their beauty, imagination and strength
The Laxmanagarh Fort, Laxmangarh of Sikar district of Indian state Rajasthan is a tall and an imposing structure  looming majestically over the town on its western part. It is one of the prominent Forts and Palaces in Rajasthan, Built by Rao Raja of Sikar, Laxman Singh in 1862, who also founded a village  and named it after him  as Laxmangarh in 1864, the fort on a hill is in ruins. A necessity arose for the ruler of Sikar to fortify his place soon after  Kan Singh Saledhi had besieged the prosperous and flourishing  town.   This magnificent fort was built by the Raja as part of his defence strategy,  with a view to protecting the small town of Laxmangarh from the  raids of neighboring Rajput Rajash  Among the forts  in this state, this small fort is unique and structurally different because it was not built on a flat sold base, rather the  entire imposing structure  was built upon scattered pieces of huge rocks - a sort of rugged  ground. Constructing a tall and imposing fort on a base of haphazardly scattered rock pieces requires well planning and skill to form a strong foundation with uniform  base to bear the weight of the huge structure.  Further, this is a semi arid region and temperature will sour way high. It means this area is prone to weathering due to changes in temperature during day time and night.  Perhaps, this strange fort majestically standing on an uneven ground may be one of a kind in this world
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 The small fortress  is a private property, owned by the Jhunjhunwala business family and  is not open to  public. There is a temple atop which you can reach through a ramp. From the top of the small hill you can have a breath-taking view of  the Laxmangarh town.

Besides the famous Laxmangarh Fort, Laxmangarh  has other attractions - ithe Ghanta Ghar (Clock Tower) and several havelis,  including  double Char Chowk Haveli featuring the famed Shekhawati fresco paintings and Chhatris.  They can be accessed after descending from the ramp

Laxmangarh is located on the National Highway - 11, at a distance of 30 km to the north of Sikar. It is a paradise for tourists and photographers.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Laxmangarh_Fort