Historical Boy's High School, Allahabad- ffounded by the Church of England

 Soon after the end of the great rebellion of 1857 by the frustrated Indian soldiers, rulers and others against the English company's misrule, the administration of the Indian subcontinent came under the direct control of the  British Crown. The British India government was advised to start many educational institutions to train Indians for teaching, administrative work, etc. After 1860s many educational institutions came up and many of them run by the Christian missionaries. Boy's school in Allahabad was one among them. 

 Founded on 5 Nov. 1861 to provide a Christian education to the children of Europeans and Anglo-Indians, Boys' High School & College, (BHS), Allahabad (UP), is one of the oldest high schools in India. In the early stages, it was run by English men and women who wanted to advance the cause of education in this old city, especially among the children of European  and Angelo-Indian decent. As an independent educational institution, in the later years, it also admitted children from various background. The motto of the school is ''Mentem Hominis Sepetator Non Frontem'' meaning ''there is no art to find the construction on the face'' The school has been functioning in the same place since 1861.  Initially, the school was run by the Church of England and 1898 to 1914, it was affiliated to the Allahabad University  founded by the Raj under the Crown administration.After 1940, it has been under the management of Allahabad High School Society. It is now affiliated to the ISC Board.  A total of 12000 students are 
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The school had a very humble beginning - classes were held in a building with a thatched roof and  since that time, the school had undergone several changes in terms of building and curriculum. . Since 1940 it has been managed by the Allahabad High School Society. It is currently affiliated to the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations. In the beginning, languages such as Latin, French and Greece were taught, in addition to maths, English grammar, etc. 
 In the present set-up, the school also gives serious attention to extracurricular activities for students. The school conducts courses classes in swimming, gymnastics, etc on par with national and international level.  The unique aspect of this school still maintains the old tradition of giving training as preparation for armed forces The school has also sent a number of boys to the National Defence Academy, a prestigious military training institution under the Central government. Many of the alumni of his historical school have made a mark in various important fields, executive, judicial and political fields.  

 On 5 November 2013, UP Governor B.L. Joshi released a commemorative postage stamp to mark 150th anniversary of Boys' High School. Mr. Amitabh Bachchan, now a popular Bollywood actor  studied in BHS from Class 1 to 7.