Building work ethic- 9 ways to achive it

work ethics. Mark Parisi

For any job strong work ethic is an integral part, and if you take up any reasonable job that falls within your capability,  you can say ''yes'' without any hesitation. Developing work ethic is an art and you can achieve  it  by  disciplined  approach. Successful people have amazing work ethic, hence they stand apart from others.   If you experience lethargy and are on the verge of becoming a lazy rut, the following are some tips that might  help you  overcome this undesirable phase in your life. Mind you, every goes through this period of uncertainty and there is nothing to be ashamed of. 

 01. Self-discipline:  Most importantly,  cultivate self discipline, otherwise inaction will creep in  and might drain your energy and you will be at the dead end of the road. Self-discipline will energize you with positive results.  Obviously you will experience  self-esteem, greater happiness and fulfillment.


 02. Say no to laziness:  Laziness is conducive to in- action. As the proverb goes 'procrastination will lead to calamity,'  you tend to put off work that you can do it today itself. So, inaction  caused by laziness can be unforgiving for it will
affect your capability. 

 03. Sacrifice your personal time: If you put in that extra hours  to complete a given project on time  by sacrificing time, that could have otherwise been spent before TV or attending important work  at  home,  your efforts will rewarded with appreciation and  it will boost your confidence level and self esteem.

Ethics: to rip-off people. Randy Glasbergen

 04. Exercise regularly:  Regardless of your busy schedule, if you exercise 30 to 45 minutes each morning,  it is good for you physically and mentally and will rejuvenate  your brain, for exercise will  energize you, drive away laziness, take care of  imbalances in hormones and neurotransmitters. It will help you start your day without sluggish body and poorly motivated mind. Regular  exercise is also part of your self-discipline.

 05. Less talk and more action:  When you begin your new project or continue your tough project avoid too much talking or thinking about it, instead get into action. People discuss problems  endlessly that could be  resolved with less time. So, what is required is direct action  which will create a smooth flow when you keep trying it. You will be in a blind alley if you keep thinking about it with out corresponding action.

06. Action with purpose:  Action in unison with purpose is very important. To achieve this, planning in advance at the end of previous workday is a good bet. It will help you plan your new work and chart the course with clarity and clear goal. There will be rhythm and flow. 

07. Accept Challenges:  With self-discipline and motivation,  you can stretch your capability and find newer ways to create and share value with the world. Never sit on the sidelines hoping for changes that never arrive unless you work hard and move forward in this competitive word.

 08. Handwork:  Hard work is the only way to get respect and reward. Each night when you go to bed with the thrill of having accomplished something worth while, the following day you will get up with a positive mind. The difference between a lazy person and the hard worker is unlike the latter, the former does not earn the rest.

 09. Choose right Friends: To be self-disciplined and hard working,  be in the company of good people. If your social circle consists of negative minded  and unproductive people, definitely it will impact your work ethic.  Association with good and  positive minded people means better impact on your personality.

Today onward try the above tips and be on the path of  self-development to grow in stature and strength in your career. Nothing is impossible for the highly motivated and passionate people backed by strong work ethic.