'Nagpur Railway Junction Building', Maharastra - a monument of ''National'' importance

Main building of Nagpur Junction railway station/en.wikipedia.org/

Nagpur Junction railway station in Maharastra, one of the oldest and important railway stations  in India, considering it vantage location, was inaugurated on 25 January 1925  by the then  Governor Sir. Frank Sly. Come January 15, it be be 94 years old. Considered to be one of the fine railway buildings in the world it has tall pillars, columns  and high ceiling  and the colonial structure was made of red stone available in Saoner.

'Bombay-Poona Mail, Great Indian Peninsula Railway'Alamo

It is just quite mind-boggling roughly 92 express/main passenger trains and  192 freight trains pass through this significant station daily. Central railway and South Eastern railway Divisions have the HQ right here. For Chennai-Delhi and Mumbai-Howrah express trains, Nagpur is a major stop. More than 160000 passengers   embark and disembark daily. In 2008 itself the central government took a decision to upgrade 22 railway stations to  international standard and Nagpur was one among them.

Great Indian Peninsular Railway. MapAbility

 The heritage value of this station station can no be overlooked because an interesting fact is there is a pretty old platform that has been around since 1867 and it was in 1881, an important train service between Nagpur and Calcutta was introduced.  It is on the eastern part of the railway station.  In October 2013, The Central Railway decided to make use of  the unused land on the eastern part of Nagpur railway station and develop a new ‘Home Platform’ on the lines of Kashmiri Gate in New Delhi to decongest the main entrance. To b developed at the Santra market side and to bring out the lost heritage  ambiance of this site, the authorities had plans to adorn the platform area with heritage lamp posts, lanterns, old style steel benches and old clocks which were used during the Raj by the Great Indian Peninsula Railways. This company was a predecessor of the Central Railway  It was India's first passenger railway, the original 21 mile (33.8 km) section opening in 1853, between Bombay (Mumbai) and Tannah (Thane). On 1 July 1925 its management was taken over by the Government. On 5 November 1951 it was incorporated into the Central Railway.

In December, 2018, ASI -Archaeological Survey of India recognized six monuments of ''naional'' importance and the Nagpur Railway station building is one among them.