Patriot Kattabomman's fitting memorial, Kayathar Tamil Nadu.

.Kattabomman memorial at Kayathar, TN DIPR
Patriot Veerapandiya Kattabomman, TN.The Better India
Palayakarar chieftain and one of the earliest freedom fighters from Tamil Nadu before 1857 Rebellion  Veerapandiya Kattabomman’s  bravery and exploits against the English rule have become legends and  there are many stories about him and the way he confronted the British  military officer Major Banerman and the Tirunelveli Collector Jackson. More than 218 years after his death a memorial came up in the place where he was hanged  at Kayathar.  Though the British tried to persuade him not to oppose them, Kattabomman was adamant and stubborn and stood  his ground firmly. Unlike other chieftains and zamindars, Kattabomman never called on the new Collector Jackson as a courtesy. On a few occasions, he had confrontation with the Collector who was quite disappointed with Kattabomman. The  British slowly succeeded in turning the other local rulers/ Zamindars  against the rebel and, at last  isolated him. Till death, Kattabomman waged a lone war against the English company that was ready to get rid of him to establish their full control over that region and collection of revenue.

 None was much happier than the descendants of Veerapandiya Kottabomman   during the inauguration of this fitting memorial. Thanks to the late CM Ms. Jayalalitha, a nationalist who was keen to have a memorial erected at Kayathar at the earliest. Laurels were offered from many quarters, in particular. from Veera Sakka Devi Temple Committee, Panchalankurichi,  who  thanked Chief Minister Jayalalithaa profusely  for a  memorial at Kayathar in honor of  Kattabomman's  gallant struggle and sacrifices. He fought the British courageously during the early  freedom struggle. In the last several decades after India's independence in 1947, none of the political leaders  in this state  came forward and built a  fitting memorial in honor of this unsung and fallen freedom fighter  who first lit the spark of freedom struggle against the foreign rule and their hegemony in the whole of India. A sum of   Rs.1.10 crore was spent on the monumental building  that has an impressive  seven-and-a-half-foot-tall  life-size statue of the legendary freedom fighter who was  hanged at Kayathar on October 16 in 1799 on orders from major Banerman. Reason: He failed to pay taxes, instigated the people against the British and was responsible for the loss of some British soldiers by his army during the battle.  This site is almost like a shrine  and is being protected by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI).
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V. Veemaraja (alias Jegaveera Pandia Subramania Kattabomma Durai), the  5th generation legal heir of freedom fighter Veerapandia Kattabomman, said he, along with other descendants of the legendary freedom fighter, was  happy about the new memorial which had been built like a fort.  Later  200 houses were built under the title, ‘Kattabomman Santhathiyar Kudiyiruppu,’ for his descendants.
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As a token of honor and  respect to this patriot, the Centre and a naval establishment at Vijayanarayanam was commissioned as ‘INS Kattabomman’ by former President R. Venkataraman on October 20 in 1990.  The Kattabomman postage stamp was released  on 16 October 1999 by the BJP government at the Center.  According to the  historian Susan Bayly Kattabomman is considered a Robin Hood-like figure in local folklore and is the subject of several traditional narrative ballads in the kummi verse form. The Tamil language film Kattabomman, starring  the late Sivaji Ganesan was a popular movie. But many critics believe that  the story line is loosely based and does not follow the real story.  Further, they believe, the exploits of Marudu brothers were not given as much publicity as it was given to Veerapandiyan.