Many reasons to include tomatoes in your diet for better health
 Rich in anti-oxidants that have anti-carcinogenic properties, consumption of tomatoes  will help you  improve digestion and blood circulation, reduce cholesterol levels in blood, detoxify body, prevent premature ageing, improve fluid balance and reduce inflammation. A little known  are other benefits such as  prevention of diabetes, skin problems and urinary tract infections,  control of prostrate enlargement, better  eyesight and stomach health. It even works to reduce blood sugar levels.  
Originated in the Western edges of South America, including areas such as Colombia and Ecuador, Spanish explorers carried back to Europe seeds of this plant after its subsequent cultivation in the Mexican regions, making them now staples in many European cuisines. Later other European countries introduced tomatoes in the colonies across the globe. It was in the 16th century, tomato became part of the food item. Tomatoes are  not fruits (not vegetables either ), and can even be categorized as berries if you are specific.  The color of tomatoes may vary  from yellow, to orange and vivid red, and measure as little as half an inch in diameter, ranging up to 4 inches and even larger. 

Health Benefits of Tomatoes

01. Tomatoes Improve Immune Function:
Holistically, tomatoes give  excellent support for your immune system because they  are loaded with many anti-oxidant vitamins, such as C and E, which reinforce our immunity by increasing production of white blood cells (WBC).  Tomatoes, being  soluble fibre can improve the  functioning of  the digestive tract,
02.  Control of prostrate enlargement:
Enlarged Prostate is a major problem for men above 50 years 
of age and males are advised by doctors to approach them 
in case they have symptoms of prostrate problems such as 
frequent urination, urgency in emptying urine and other embarrassing  problems,  etc. Tomatoes are known to contain  Lycopene which is capable of  mildly  controlling  an enlarging prostate, thus acting like mild medication. The culprit in the enlargement of prostrate is the  hormone  DHT that increases the  prostate cells either in size, or number. Though harmless, this  growth exerts pressure on the urinary bladder, leading to delicate situation causing painful urination. The good news is tomatoes cut down the growth of this harmone and reduce its action on the prostate gland.  Further, Lycopene, being anti-oxidant, can prevent this generally benign growth from tripping and becoming cancerous.

03. Reduction in cancer risks:

The presence of Lycopene in tomatoes has an advantage. It reduces cancer risks especially those of the prostate, colon and breast, besides other nutrients that play a supporting role. Increasing consumption of tomatoes is beneficial to humans in this regard. 

04. Tomatoes good for cardiovascular function: 

Regular consumption of tomatoes has numerous beneficial effects on the heart. This being due to  owing largely to the   presence of beta carotene and the rare anti-oxidant Lycopene in tomatoes. The are known to  help reduce the impact of oxidative damage on the heart, prevent formation of dangerous blood clots, and also improve a cholesterol lowering effect.
05. Beneficial to Skin:
Yet another health benefit for the beauty-conscious people is tomato consumption will improve the skin health by reducing the damages caused by the exposure to the sun.  Since Lycopene has a UV ray reflecting property, it acts almost like sunscreen, resulting in a  40% reduction in development of sun burn in people.  The overall benefit is due to the fact  tomatoes  contain  95% water by volume. Hence, in the area of skin care, the role of tomatoes can not be ignored.     

06. Tomatoes Improve Bone Health:
Lycopene levels in tomatoes are beneficial to bone health. They  prevent  oxidative damage to bone, a living tissue.For aged people bone preservation is essential and tomato consumption will positively improve the bone health.  In the case of  postmenopausal, increasing bone loss is inevitable women and this can be considerably compensated by way of consuming lots of tomatoes.    Lycopene is the key factor here.   

07. Reduction of excessive blood clotting: 
Many people have excessive clotting  -  abnormal platelet and blood cell clotting causing Thromboembolic Episodes. Normally, they are common  during a stroke or heart attack.  Tomatoes are known to  contain compounds which prevent excessive clotting processes, thus  reducing your risk of suffering these debilitating events.

08. Reduction of  Lipid Per-oxidation:
In the inside of  your blood vessels  and arteries, oxidative damage is done by  fats and lipids that accumulate on the inner sides in the form of plaque. This is the primary cause of  atherosclerosis and heart diseases. This is the reason why doctors advise you to take anti-oxidant supplements  like Omega 3, Vitamin E, etc. Tomatoes possess powerful anti-oxidant capability, retarding oxidative damage, and slowing down development of atherosclerotic plaques.

09. Maintaining better Eyesight:
Tomatoes contain Vitamin A   -840IU 17% RDA and its associated carotenoid anti-oxidants. They reduce damage to the macula of the eye, safeguard the optic nerve and improve night vision as  retina requires need more light for better visibility.   Lycopene in tomatoes  reduces  symptoms of blurriness, growth of cataracts and help keep eyes functioning optimally into old age.

18. Prevention of progressive  Neurological Conditions:
Many elderly people run the risk of suffering from neuro-degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. This is because of  an oxidative damage pathway. The  progression of the above  diseases can be contained  as Lycopene in Tomatoes plays a key role in preserving optimal brain function, which along with the modest amount of folate in tomatoes, can breakdown elevated homo cysteine levels (which have a pro-inflammatory effect).

11. Reduction of body Weight:
For the weight-conscious people  consumption of lots tomatoes is recommended.  Increased oxidation of fat cells is a normal occurrence while on diet and this may have  side-effects, ex.  skin damage.  Lycopene in ttomatoes can help offset this increased exposure to oxidative stimuli. Besides, other phytocompounds, including vitamins C and E. plus, are very low calorie and filling, stuff in  calorie restricted diets. If you eat to your heart's content, you are  unlikely to gain weight or experience adverse effects from having too much

If you are health-conscious, your best bet is Tomatoes  that are  easily available on the veg market and can  be incorporated into a variety of meals, or even as salads. Money -wise, you save a bundle and in return you get good health benefits.