Shahi Fort (14th century), Jaunpur, UP, an interesting monument

Front Gate of Shahi Fort, Jaunpur, UP

 Shahi Fort, Jaunpur, UP

Mosque Inside Shahi Fort, Jaunpur,UP.

There is no dearth of historical monuments in around Jaunpur town in Uttarpradesh and most of them were built by various Muslim rulers of Delhi It was the Tughlaq dynasty that conquered the place the 14th century and it was followed by other prominent rulers from the west. With the invasion of Muslim rulers,Islam religion had begun to hold on this region.

The small Jaunpur town, on the Gomti river bank, is about 60 km north-west of Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh and  has many interesting tourist spots and one of them is Jaunpur Fort (Karar Fort)  which is close to  the bridge on the banks of Gompti. It was built in 1360 by Sultan Firoz Shah Tughlaq with materials  removed from the palace and temples of the Rathore kings ( Rathores are a Suryavanshi Rajput clan; the  clan traces its lineage back to Rama, the mythical hero of the Hindu epic Ramayana) of Kannauj.  Here, temples were demolished  by Muslim invaders and the temple materials  went into the construction of the fort.  The walls, bastions, and the gates of this fort are coated with Ashlar stones on the outer surface.  In the later period ownership  changed. This Fort also called  Shahi Qila is about  2.2 km from Jaunpur.  This fort was rebuilt by Ibrahim Naib Barbak, a chief of

Ruler Firoz Shah Tughlak (Turkish)

Firoz Shah Tughlak between 1376 AD and 1377 AD. 

Later when  Sharqis (Islamic empire in northern India between 1394 and 1479; the most notable ruler of the dynasty was Ibrahim Shah), ruled this land, they wanted to secure the place from intrusion and raids by enemies. Hence they further strengthened the fort and many royal structures. The Lodhis  who succeeded the Tuglag dynasty of Delhi after 100 years, raided this place and during their attack, the fort was very much damaged. It was the Mogul rulers Humayun and Akbar  reclaimed the fort and the region and rebuilt the fort  by carrying out major repairs 

The East India Company owned by the British, who came to India as mercantile traders, became a proxy government for the  British Crown and a force to reckon with. They cunningly  captured many lands owned by Nawabs and Maharajahs using various tricky ruses  and rendered them powerless to the point of receiving annual dole from them, To satisfy their ego and royal status, the British allowed them to hang on to a small kingdom.  In 1775 part of the land came under the company rule. When their atrocities in India peaked, the Indian soldiers with the English  company  revolted  against the

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foreign misrule.This led to  the war of independence in 1857, the British took over the control of the fort after subduing the revolt.