Mangaluru North police took the initiative and restored the heritage police station!!

Mangaluru North Police statio,

Kudos to the Mangaluru  police and their concern for the  Mangaluru North Police Station building. This place is  popularly  known as  Bunder Police Station. 

Mangaluru North Police

This police station, a heritage structure built in 1889 at a cost of about Rs.16000,  had been wilting due to aging. It  is in the prime area of the city and had to be saved from further damages, etc.,  on account of vagaries of weather nd harsh monsoon seasons. The structure is on a small plot covering 0.67 acre

Heritage-conscious police officers in the recent past came together to save the oldest  building in that city   that was part of security establishment  during the early days. The building had been leaky and consequently the exterior plaster stared peeling off. The repair and renovation work had to be taken care of. soon to stop further damages. What  the police officers  did was quite surprising in the sense in spite of their difficult  police work, they found time to seek donations from the public. Some philanthropists donated money for a good public cause. On top of it, they pooled money every possible way  including from the personnel to  meet the renovation expenses. 

Their  main focus was  on the restoration of the oldest structure back to splendor and glory.  The credit goes to Inspector Govindaraju B  (he  served between  2019 and 2021) attached to the police station and he was the one who first came up with the idea of restoring the old building and giving it a new look. The cost of renovation was around Rs. 8 lakhs. The renovation work included re-plastering of the structure, fixing  old electrical fittings, etc. The gripping problem was leaky ceiling in some places. They were fixed with proper techniques. A fresh coat of paint was applied to the structure  to make it look as if it was built  afresh.  Other repair work included the flag-post and parking area with a shed.

Police Commissioner of that area was quite pleased  and assured more repair work will be taken up at the station so that its heritage value will be secured for ever. While the work was on, the builders saw to it that major repair work did not affect the heritage elements in the structure. 

Salutations to these responsible police officers who think in terms of historical connectivity  of this city through retention of heritage structures.