MS University of Baroda, a heritage institution designed by British architect Robert Chisholm

MS University, Vadadora(Baroda), GJ

MS University, Baroda (Vadadora), GJ /

Above image: MS University, Vadadora, GJ. Faculty of Arts Dome, designed by Robert Fellowes Chisholm (1840–1915) in Indo-Saracenic style, modelled on Gol Gumbaz...........................

.MS University, Vadadora, GJ

Founded in 1881 as a college (Baroda college) initially,  Maharajah Sayajirao University of Baroda carries the name of its benefactor the Maharaja himself, a man with vision and social welfare ever on his mind. Now a public university (since 1949)  in the city of Vadodara, in Gujarat state, India, it is one of the finest residential institutions  with more than 1200 faculty staff  in Gujarat. Only after India's independence and upon the princely state joining the Indian union in 1949, Pratap Singh Gaekwad of Baroda (1908–1968), the last ruler of the erstwhile Baroda State founded the university to fulfill his  grand father's  wishes -  Maharajah Sayajirao Gaekwad III (1863–1939), and it is being run by  a trust  "Sir Sayajirao Diamond Jubilee and Memorial Trust" which exists to date. The trust serves the educational needs of the people.   It has been a  a public university since then  carrying on the ideals of  Maharajah Sayajirao Gaekwad III, and the legacy of the Gaekwad dynasty. .  

The university constructed on a plot of  275 acres of land in this big city has six campuses (two are in rural area) and houses more than 87 departments with well-qualified teaching research staff. The Oriental Institute established in September 1927 is one of the reputed research centers in India.  The architect of the building is Robert Chisholm who gave a unique character and look to the erstwhile state of Baroda. The man who understood oriental architecture very well created nine iconic buildings in this city at the request of Maharajah and in each one of them the British architect left his distinctive style and mark.

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Gol Gumbaz, Bijapur, KA. view from entrance. en.wikipedia.

Above image: Gol Gumbaz, Bijapur, Karnataka: One of the largest domes before the modern period. Inside 8 arches createg by two rotating squares that create  pendentives........... 

The main building of MS university that houses the Faculty of Arts, is in Indo-Saracenic style with a blend of  Indian and Byzantine arches and domes in brick and polychrome stone. Chisholm modelled the huge dome above the convocation hall after the huge dome of the Gol Gumbaz of  Bijapur. It is the  mausoleum (tomb) of the king Mohammed Adil Shah of the  Adil Shah Dynasty; construction started in 1626 and was completed in 1656.