Tekari Temple at Dewas near Indore, MP - one of the Shakthi peeths - a brief note

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There are as many as 52 Shakti  peeths in India , most of them in the north. There are some Shakthi temples across Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and also in Goa. Tekari temple is a unique one  here two goddesses form the Shakti peeth here and bless the devotees. This temple on  top of the hill can be accessed by sky way. 

Tekari Temple at Dewas is about 34 km from Indore city, MP. The  temple atop the 300 ft hill  is  historically significant and is the  abode of Goddess Chamunda - the idol is a tall one 9 feet. The Goddess of this temple is  so popular  and the deity is a sheer object of veneration for centuries for the people living in this part.  

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The famous shrine is in the Malwa region of Madhya Pradesh and is one among the 52 Shaktipeeths of Mother. During Chaitra Navratri, lots of devotees visit this place   darshan. 

In reality Goddess Chamunda and Goddess Tulja Bhavani together form the core of power;  the former is Badi Mataji.  Both goddesses are in sitting posture  mother Tulja Bhavani and mother Chamunda Devi are seated. 

The temple is mentioned to have been built by Tara Raje, who was the sister of erstwhile Gwalior ruler Madhavrao Scindia and married to  Krishnajirao Puar (II nd)of ruler of Dewas senior estate.  Swamiji of Narayan Kuti Sanyas Ashram in his book on the deity  Chamunda Tekari, mentioned that  King Bharthari, elder brother of Ujjain King Vikramaditya had performed the ‘Tapsya’ at this hill before the idol of Goddess Chamunda.

There are other temples dedicated to   Goddess Kalika, Ashtabhuja, and God Hanuman  on the same hill  (Tekri).