The Coimbatore Club, Coimbatore,TN - 150 year old structure still retains colonial charm

 colonial charm and modernity. The Coimbatore Club

 The Coimbatore Club

The Coimbatore Club

The Coimbatore Club

Located on Race course road, Coimbatore, The Coimbatore Club is one of the oldest clubs in this part of south India  during the late colonial period. This 150 year old club building  surrounded by large open space with greenery underwent major modification and renovation in the past and is now sporting  a majestic look and its colonial aura is irresistible.  The architects diligently carried out the conservation and restoration work with meticulous care retaining the old existing structures and adding along with them  contemporary  facilities in tune with change of time. 

Prior to 2014  while  the main lounge and the bar that were not very much  damaged and fairly surviving the structural condition of the rest of the old building was in a dilapidated state of negligence. Falling apart and crumbling, at one point of time it was unsafe for use. Hence decision was taken by the management  to save the old building at any cost, particularly the main lounge and bar and making additions.  
As the dilapidated portions were beyond redemption restoration project included  demolition of unsafe parts adjoining the min building and construction of a new lounge, a family bar, office rooms etc. 

The architects carefully retained the old world charm by following traditional methods creating in a contemporary space, with the use of steel, glass and stone without disturbing the heritage elements. This mixing of old style in a modern  space  with cantilever design adds a new dimension to the aesthetics. 

The main existing  club building is restored in such a way as to show its link between  contemporary times and past colonial period. The main features are  rough stone-fronted walls, tall arched openings, Doric like big cylindrical columns, etc.  Enough natural light is provided in the interior by  glazed openings fitted with  steel structure. The Madras-terraced ceiling with wooden rafters or concrete rafters would impart 19th century look. 

The veranda with an extended  slanting tiled roof (to drain out rain waters)  supported by stone-clad square pillars on the first floor, sunshade projection chhajja over the windows, the blend of colonial architectural elements with adjoining modern structure imply  the fact that past is always relevant to the present. The colonial allure is well highlighted by a nice courtyard in the midst of modern structures. 


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