British-era St. George's Church , only Anglican Protestant church in Jamshedpur, India

.Anglican St. George's church. Jamshedpur.

St George's Church in  Northern Town in Bistupur, Jamshedpur has the credit of being the oldest church in this district and since its inception, it has been .an example of promotion of unity and amity in a multicultural diverse  society.

St George's Church, Jamshedpur

Established in 1916, it is the only protestant church in the city where prayers are held in English even today. An interesting historical fact is the church came up in memory of those  children who lost their lives in World War 1. Their  parents who were with TISCO (Tata Steel) decided to build a church in memory of their kids who died in the war.  The other  old churches in this area are in Bistupur—the Beldih Baptist Church (1923), near Beldih Triangle in Northern Town and St Mary's Church built in 1926.

Jamshedpur, jharkhand state, India.

This popular church celebrated its  centenary celebrations way back from April 2017 to July, 2017. The  parish celebrated   this milestone as ''Our 100-year journey in Christ with unity''.People irrespective of faith and caste attended this rare celebration on the church premises that witnessed the change of political scenario from the colonial British rule to independent indian rule. Coming under the jurisdiction of Chotanagpur diocese of Church of North India (CNI with HQ in Nagpur), having its headquarters in Ranchi,  as part of the centenary celebration, an 800m peace rally was held n July 17 morning and was open to people from different faiths.. In August they conducted a Marathon run for peace, blood donation and held classes for children on Ethical crisis. The church was in the forefront in the matter of unity in the society.  The centenary bash and the  peace rally through the town was the talk of this 

A declared heritage structure,  St George's Church, an Anglican church,  allocated funds on its own to renovate the old building on the line of heritage laws introduced by the central and state governments.  The church authorities said  the restoration work would be undertaken under the guidance of conservation experts and no compromise would be made on the heritage aspects of the structure as well as its old  colonial design style. There were cracks that cause leaks and these problems would be taken care of with care.  The advantage is unlike many churches this one is made of well-dressed hard rocks and there was no need for paint job.

On the advice of Tata Group founder Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata wide street were laid and lands were marked for construction of places of worship,  A land was allocated to the  Anglican Congregation. for the construction of  suitable church.  On the December 28, 1914, the foundation stone of St. George’s Church was laid and two years later was consecrated on April 16,1916. This church has a membership base of over 2,000.