Equestrian Bronze statue of Gov. Sir Harcourt Butler, Lucknow, UP

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Equestrian Bronze statue of  Sir Spencer Harcourt Butler by George Havard Thomas (1893-1933).   It was made in  1924 in England and shipped to Lucknow to be installed at a public place.  Harcourt Butler served as  the Lieutenant Governor and Governor in United Provinces  from 1918 to 1921. The artist was  Mr. George Harvard Thomas  and the statue was executed by the well known London founder, Mr E J Parlanti, at whose works this photo was taken;  8 September 1925. photo by Robert Freidus  As an administrator he gave importance to technical education in India The Harcourt Butler.sr, secondary school in Delhi and the Butler institute in Kanpur bear his name. He was also instrumental in building a branch of Harcourt Butler sr, sec, school in the hill resort of Shimla, HM.

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His statue's  original location was  Qaiserbagh, Lucknow. UP and later  shifted to the  State Museum for display in  Lucknow, The statue is without the its original pedestal.   Shifting of the huge statue was undertaken by the government  as countless colonial statues were  targets of attack by some fanatics.  It is being kept in the museum to avoid tampering or damages to the wonderful statue. About Sir Spencer Harcourt Butler's Equestrian statue, it was erected by the people of Lucknow out of esteem and regards for his sincere interest in the area of  higher  education for Indian natives. He helped start many educational institutions in India and some of them bear testimony to his legacy and his passion for education. There is also a memorial in his name in Lucknow