The Victoria Suspension bridge in Mandi, HP - is saved for the posterity!!

old Victoria Bridge of Mandi, HP, India

 ld Victoria Bridge of Mandi, HP,

old Victoria Bridge of Mandi, HP, India

Since most of the old  colonial railway or road bridges need to be saved for their heritage values, the advantage we have is we get a chance to be familiar with old constructions technology and materials that gave them far better stability in different terrains and in the present scenario the durability of such civil works, etc is not satisfactory. The Victoria Suspension bridge in Mandi, HP is one of the oldest bridges built by the princely state. The present Himachal Pradesh government made all efforts to save this heritage bridge.  Their efforts deserve appreciation from the public in particular from heritage lovers and historians. 

The famous 76 m Victoria Bridge of Mandi  here that connects  Purani - old Mandi and Mandi town was built  in 1877 by  Raja Vijay Singh using the Victoria bridge across the river Thames in London as a model  with help from the British engineers of London and Kolkata.  

Victoria Bridge, Mundi  was closed for  heavy vehicles  for two reasons: 01. It is more than 142 years old  and served this town for a long time despite heavy rains and surge of water during flooding's.  02. The bridge was then designed to carry only small vehicles.  The old bridge's design style is similar to the  Lakshman Jhula bridge first  Suspension Bridge of U.P across the Ganga, Span - 450 feet; Carriage Way - 6 feet and a jeep could pass through. A gift of Rai Bahadur Surajmal Jhunjhunwala father of Rai Bahadur Shewpershad Tulshan, local chieftain, it was built byU.P.P.W.D. during 1927-1929 and  opened to traffic on 11 April 1930. The princely state of Mandi  named it the Vijay Kesari bridge.

A better  and strong bridge  became a necessity, so it was built to carry more load and traffic. Considering the future needs and growth of population and  heavy vehicle movement, CM Jai Ram Thakur in 2019 had another bridge  constructed and opened to traffic and it is called  Sardar Patel Bridge (or New Victoria Bridge) near  the old Victoria Bridge .,_Mandi