The purported curses of briolette Dimond - more a matter of conjecture than truth!!

 Briolette of India 90 carat diamond

Briolette of India 90 carat diamond, one of the oldest in the world   was in the jewelry collections of the Heidi-Horten, Austria based business family until April-May 2023 and was sold at a heft sum at Christie's auction sale In Dubai.  As to its origin, majority of the gemologists believe though its  provenance, considering its luster and quality is of India, it  is often a subject of debate and some come up with the a postulation that it could be of African origin. Kollur mines of S. India (now defunct) had produced quality diamonds for several centuries. About briolette,  it is claimed by many that it was cut and shaped in the early 20th century in Paris, France

On the question of weather Briolette is cursed or jinxed, opinions differ. In the bygone era many rulers believe in the mystic power of a just pure gold rings, gem-crusted rings  and  diamonds. This kind of belief was more common in India than elsewhere. 

Eleanor of Aquitaine.

King Louis VII  and Eleanor of
Above  mage: On the 25th of July 1137, Eleanor of Aquitaine, Duchess of Aquitaine in her own right, and the future Louis VII of France married in the Cathedral of Saint-Andre in Bordeaux.  The marriage between was arranged by Louis VII’s father – King Louis VI of France known as the Fat.

The famous stone was originally gifted to Eleanor of Aquitaine (first European woman to wear a diamond) by her husband King Louis VII of France, both of whom were traveling with the crusading soldiers campaigning together in the holy land  Notwithstanding the jewels and Briolette diamond, their marriage was not not a happy one, getting worse as years went the point of annulment after a pretty long period. They became separated for good after the final verdict  on March 11, 1152. Reason: consanguinity (meaning they were closely blood related  – Eleanor was Louis’ third cousin once removed). The marriage was dissolved at at the castle at Beaugency on the Loire River, near the city of OrlĂ©ans. Their 15-year matrimony was over, and in less than 3 months, Eleanor of Aquitaine married again. The two shared two daughters from this marriage, custody of whom were awarded to Louis.

Later Eleanor married  the Duke of Normandy, later  King Henry II of England. In reality, she he was more closely related to Henry than she had been to Louis.  From this marriage, she and Henry had  five sons and three daughters, the most popular being .  King Richard I of England, also known as Richard the Lionheart. He inherited the Briolette diamond and said to have kept it with him on his war missions -particularly  the Third Crusade.

King Henry II of France - 1547 to 1559

English king d Richard I the Lion heart, who reigned in England from 1189 to 1199 AD  was a  staunch believer in the great protective properties of the diamond.  No doubt, on his raids to the Holy land Jerusalem -first crusade in 1190 he k took   the Briolette along with him  as a sort of charm - for good luck, protection and victory. Sometimes, you can not get away from the edit of God. Fate had it he fell on the midway  had to stop to rest. While he was away, his brother John, taking advantage of his long absence at the right opportune, seized power in England. After a prolonged war against the the Turks, Richard  became fatigued and was  was too sick to resume   his journey back to England having failed in his mission to capture Jerusalem. Trouble did not stop there and on  his return journey  he was captured by the Duke of Austria and locked up, as an enemy of the German empire. After two years Richard was finally released to go back to England.

Though he possessed Briolette to ward off misfortunes, for a decade or so he faced a series of troubles  in succession  right from  losing power, surviving illness, capture, and imprisonment all caught him unaware  one by one.  To cap it all Richard, at last, was, fatally wounded while fighting in France. During this unfortunate period, it is believed, that the Briolette was stolen and landed in the safe vault  of  French royal treasury.
Were the misfortunes suffered by the European families  caused by the dazzling briolette?  It is a riddle that needs a plausible answer!!   Despite a variety of reasons attributed by many one fact stands clearly  ''looting or stealing objects of reverence from the holy sanctified places of worship is  bad.''