Politicians as of this recent election avoided visiting Thanjavur big temple because of purported curse!!

 For the politicians of  Tamil Nadu enjoying power and pelf  irrespective of their parties and differing  ideology  who visit the Thanjavur city  for election campaign or any other party work, the very mention of 1000 plus year old  Brihadeeswara temple, with towering shikara and a large dome that is visible all around the city causes them to shudder.  Sometimes they may  experience some kind of spasmatic attack. Unlike ordinary folks these status, power hungry corrupt Netas are  gripped by fear psychosis and  myths, They are even afraid to go near the temple when the annual Sathaya Vizha (birth of the temple builder Raja Raja Chola) is celebrated in October and  his statue near the temple is garlanded. When Tamil devotional hymns (pasurams) are chanted  inside the temple no Tamil nata will dare enter the temple. To them hang on to their political power is more important than attending the Tamil function!! Recently on 20th April in the Chithirai vizha therrotam, no Netas appeared near the big temple.

In Tamil Nadu, the politicians from the atheist Party DMK never fail to visit the prominent temples in their respective  constituencies to seek the blessings of the lord to win the assembly or parliament election. Positively, their family members visit the temples to conduct special pujas so that their family wealth would grow by leaps and bounds. Being an MLA or holding some leadership in the party is a great source of income. There are many ways to make quick bucks. Some Netas in TN take a loan to stand in the election and in a short period, they clear the loan and make money manifold.


arched entrance to the Big temple, Thanjavur

There is no scientific evidence that the big temple dedicated to god Shiva is either haunted or cursed in any way. Why this preconceived  mistrust and purported Hex factor associated with this beautiful temple, an engineering marvel representing the great Chola dynasty' legacy is a puzzle. Some historians point out the great king Raja Raja died on the temple premises under mysterious circumstances, In the wake of it, his son king Rajendra Chola shifted the capital to Gangai Konda Cholapuram where he had built a replica of Thanjavur Big temple. Yet another reason is Raja Raja chola's mentor Karur Devar   wanted the consecration of temple held with Tamil Mantra and not Sanskrit. Such statements have no historical records. 

Thanjavur bid temple from main entrance ,lostinthe.world 

This misconception has been around since early 1970s for the following reasons: 

01. In 1972 CM Karunanidhi wanted a mandapam built for the Varahi shrine on the temple prakara against the norms of Agama Sastras. In the same year DMk faced a split due to the  dismissal of popular charismatic Matinee idol MGR. In the later years  MGR came to power and till his death Kalingar could not catch the throne at Chennai. 

Big temple, Sanctum inside the mandapam, tripvaani.com

02. In 1984 both PM Mrs Gandhi and CM of Tamil Nadu M.G.R visited the temple. Subsequently, Mrs Gandhi was assassinated by her own security guards a few weeks later in October 1984 in Delhi. As for M.G. R in the later year  he had severe kidney problem and three years later he in December 1987 died  after recovery. Both of them entered the temple through main arched entrance. The sanctum, the flag staff, the 16th century Nandi Mandapam, other two gopuras (entrance towers) and the main gate lie in the same axis as per temple architectural norm.

astrologer and Indian netas, .tribuneindia.com

Above image: Just like girls' parents who seek the help of astrologers to find a good suitor for them, before the start of election campaign across India  Netas inclusive of Dravidian parties of Tamil Nadu state turn to reputed astrologers to win the election and to stay in power, They select certain dress on their advice  to stay in power till they are able to make a bundle out of their position ........... 

03. In  1997 as part of consecration, kumbabishekama Yaga Sala was set on the temple premises. The pandits chanted the mantras in Sanskrit and some parts in Tamil.  During the puja ritual a spark from the fire works that fell on the dry thatched pandal at late evening  caused a major fire mishap. About 44 to 50  people mostly women  died and injured due to stampedes while fleeing to  the  temple exit gate.  

04. CM Karunanidhi, being cautious as he was, on a quick visit to the big temple, deliberately chose the side entrance instead of the arched main gate to take a quick look at the damaged Yaga sala, etc., According to some critics, this was done by him on the advice of his family astrologers!!

05. The 1000 year anniversary of the temple was held in September, 2010 under the guidance of CM Karunanidhi.  To escape from  the jinx on the temple, CM  avoided the east facing main entrance and entered the temple via the north entrance from the adjacent  Sivaganga park. Further, to avoid the direct sight  of the main god special dais was set for him away from the shrine facing the north direction. The then CM in wheel chair  surprisingly appeared in new avatar, wearing  the traditional white silk dhoti and shirt with white shawl instead of customary  yellow angavasthiram. The function was a grand one and he won the appreciation from a large section of people in general.

05. It was a bold move by the ex CM, but in  spite of his efforts to avoid the  curse, in the following  state election his part was defeated by Admk  and for a  long period he was in the political wilderness. He failed miserably before the edit of god, rather than the myth.

06. With respect  to recent kumbabishekam (Feb.5, 2020)  Tamil Nadu CM EPS (Edapadi Palani Swamy) and his ministers avoided visiting the big temple  giving room to the  rumors that their  visit to this temple might spell doom in the coming  state assembly election in 2021.  However, EPS  and other ministers stayed in the city, attending other social functions. They were not sighted near the big temple. 

 I have heard local  people say that if ministers in power, by chance, go past the temple, they will close the tinted glass winnows of their cars  and turn their face the other direction. Some elderly people said such Netas  when passing the main road across the temple will cover the head and face with a thick shawl to negate the bad effects emanating from the historical temple. 

If the great Chola king Raja Rajan were  alive, these political power mongering  Netas would have earned his wreath and become a laughing stock!!