Sathaya Vizha, 2022 Rajarajan's birthday celebration, Thanjavur- Why politicians avoided ''Big temple''?


Great rajaraja Chola king

The famous 11th century big temple Sri Brihadeewara temple of Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu, a UNESCO recognized World Heritage Site is a popular one across India and the globe for its architectural grandeur. The temple entered the UNESCO World Heritage Site list in 1987 and is also a part of "Great Living Chola Temples". The temple turned 1000 years old in 2010 When late Kalingar karunanidhi was the CM then.

Though  shrouded in mystery, the Big temple (as it is called locally) is so famous thousands of people visit this  Hindu temple daily. But, for the politician, it is a nightmare to step into the sanctified Shiva  temple and it has been so since the 1960s. The belief among the netas has been that regardless of their party affiliation, they can  visit any historical temple in the delta region without any hesitation, but not the big temple. If compulsion arises they will avoid main entrance gate to the temple on the east and enter the premise from the side, of course, with trepidation. Haunted by fear that the curtain will come down for good on their  political life or prospects after a visit to the temple, politicians never go closer to the temple.  Even to day driven by fear psychosis and  the so- called Hex Factor  all politicians harbor uncontrollable  reservations about entering the Thanjavur big temple  especially through the main entrance facing the main  road.

During the recent Satha Vizha held on the 4th of November at Thanjavur, prominent  politicians never entered the temple and witnesses other events held inside the temple premises. They did attend the garlanding ceremony held the Cholan park way outside the temple complex. They paid respect and garlanded the statue of king Rajaraja. They did not even attend the religious procession carrying Thirumurai manuscripts atop the elephant,  According to some media reports  senior politicians in the ruling ministry attended functions related to Rajaraja's sathaya Viza held at a small village near Kumbakonam. Having come up to Kumbakonam, they never visited Thanjavur and took part in the function. 

Every year the ‘Sathaya Vizha’  has been organized by the  Sathaya Vizha Committee, Thanjavur big temple   with a view to marking  the birth anniversary of  one of the greatest Chola rulers ever lived in this part of South India. it is a way to honor the king and express our gratitude to him.   Sri Raja Raja Chola  was not only a great ruler but also an excellent administrator and builder of Hindu temples.  It is a symbol of Raja Rajan's spiritual, scientific and artistic bent of mind.

That why politicians on a visit to this city are afraid to  enter the temple still remains a riddle. 


 Brihadishvara Temple (originally known as Peruvudaiyar Kovil) locally known as Thanjai Periya Kovil also goes by the name of Rajarajeswaram  It  is  one of the largest Hindu temples and is fine  example of Dravidian  architecture and is often referred to as  Dakshina Meru (Meru of south),

Built by the great Tamil king Raja Raja Chola I  (of Chola dynasty) between 1003 and 1010  it is a part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site known as the "Great Living Chola Temples", along with the Chola dynasty era Gangaikonda Cholapuram temple (in Ariyalur district) and Airavatesvara temple (near Kumbakonam)  that are about 70 kilometer (43 mi) and 40 kilometers (25 mi) to its northeast respectively.   The temple complex that is entirely made of hard rocks- granite related verities  includes  a large pillared and covered veranda (prakara) in its spacious courtyard, with a perimeter of about 450 meters (1,480 ft) for circumambulation. Normally,  devotees use the open court yard as the pradhashna path. This temple has one of the largest cupola atop the tower and also one of the largest nandis (bulls) made of a single stone.

1th C stolen idols of  king raja Raja and his

Above image: The two 11th century bronzes of Rajaraja Chola and his queen Lokmadevi, stolen from the Peruvudayar temple more than 50 years ago were  recovered from a museum in Ahmedabad in June 2018 and later they were brought back to the big temple. Upon Kumbakonam Sub court orders, the idols  were to be installed in the temple. This year both the idols were taken around the temple in a religious procession along with other idols on the day of Rajaraja's Sathaya Vizha on the 4th of  November, 2022. ......................