Mir Jafer, his oath of loyalty - the British take over of Bengal.

Mir Jafer & Miran,conspirators who sided with British Wast India Company, Bengal. credit:indianetzone

But for Mir Jafer, a close relative of Siraj-ud Daulah, the Nawob of Bengal, who took revenge on the ruler by way of betraying him, his people and the kingdom at a crucial time, the wily British would have found it extremely difficult to set foot in India and let alone take over the entire sub continent. The fertile, productive and rich Bengal province was a bonanza  for the British. The British Empire foundation was laid right here under the guidance of diabolic schemer Robert Clive. One man's act of betrayal changed the entire course of history of the British Empire.
Clive hatching a plot colluding with Mir Jafer, Bengal.East India Company. credit:www.livemint.com
Mir Jafer, through perpetuation and enticements was tempted to become a traitor of his ruler and relative by the British and finally they made him swear in the name of god!

William Watts, the chief officer of  British East India Company and who was quite conversant with Hindustani, Persian and Bengali under the direction of Robert Clive, at last convinced Mir Jafer to help the British in the ensuing battle against the Nawob and depose him. Watts was not content with mere oral assurance ,besides he was suspicious that Jafer might go back on his promise. So, he wanted him to swear in Lord's name, in Jafer's case ''Allah." Both Hindus and Muslims,if sworn in the name of God Almighty, they seldom ever break it and it was tantamount to committing a sin.The East India company people knew it well and it was a clever, tactical  move  by Watts to secure his timely help. Mir Miran, son and an associate of Mir  Jafer in this conspiracy is said to have received William Watts in the seraglio (residing quarters used by wives or concubines of Muslims). Watts placed the ''Holy Quran'' on the head of Mir Jafar while his hand was kept on Miran's head. It was at this very moment  Mir Jafar solemnly declared and swore his loyalty towards the British and promised to take all necessary steps (which included the plan to betray the then, Nawob of Bengal  Nawob  Siraj ud-Daulah during the Battle of Plassey which was scheduled to take place the following day which would enable the British to achieve victory against the Nawob and thus dethrone him.

Seir Mutapherin, another traitor stated that Muhammad-i-Beg assassinated Siraj ud-Daulah on  orders of Mir Miran on the premises of Namak Haram Deorhi. The murder occurred right near a 
  Neem tree on 2nd July, 1757. This was done after the Nawob made an attempt to escape being caught and tried by the treacherous British following his defeat in the Battle of Plassey. An affluent ruler, besides losing his vast kingdom through treason, conspiracy and blatant betrayal by his own associate, was driven to the edge of exasperation and finally death by the British.
For the British, it was a great victory that called for celebration. A smart beginning for future British Empire where the Sun had never set. Now with glee they had their eyes set on the entire rich Indian subcontinent. As for Indians, it was the beginning of British rule – a saga of  continuous exploitation, oppression and racial discrimination.
 Anyway, the mighty British laid the foundation on the Tomb of  Siraj ud-Daulah, an unfortunate victim of British conspiracy.