Naldehra, tallest and highest golf courses in the world

Naldehra golf course. Image Source:

Can you believe that India has one of the oldest and highest golf courses in the world? Yes, it is one of the highest 18 – hole golf link in the world. It is located in the picturesque, place called Naldehra, about 22 KM from Simla in Himachal Pradesh, once the summer capital of the British raj.

Situated at an altitude of 2200 meters Naldehra, beautiful grassy, undulating meadows fringed by tall, majestic ceder trees, is a perfect place to spend and relax far away from the hustle and bustle of lousy city life.

You may be surprised to know that this India's oldest historical golf course was the brain child of Lord Curzon,Viceroy of India (1899 to 1905). Mesmerized by the serene and tranquility of this place lord Curzon used to spend much of his time in the woods here and one day it dawned on him to set up a golf course here – a sort of past time and recreation for the British officers who needed respite in the summer from the ravages of scorching sun, monsoon and mosquitoes. It is quite fascinating that lord Curzon, in memory of his stay in this beautiful place, named his third daughter Alexandra Naldehra.

The undulating, tough terrain made 68 par 18 hole course, one of the most challenging in India as well as in the world. If famous golfer like Tiger Wood were to play here at Naldehra it won't be a smooth ride for him. Set among the tall cedar trees, it is a challenging course between tee and tree. Hiring a caddy is a must otherwise chances are that one may get lost very easily. Ponies can be hired for hiking all the ridges lined with fine-scented pine trees.