Gandhi-Bot - American Brewing company's gesture not to use Gandhi's name

New England Brewing Company
New England Brewing Company
Regarding American Brewing company in the New England state of Connecticut for their successful brew Gandhi-Bot, using Gandhi's name and image on the cans, it made an official statement recently that it would withdraw the name and image soon and apologized to the Indians that it was unintentional and had  their deep respect  for their sentiments and  regard for Gandhi, who used non-violence as a major tool to get freedom from the British. Instead of dragging its feet in a sensitive matter, I'm happy the company has taken a positive action quickly.
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It's a very small company located in Woodbridge, CT. New England Brewing Company has just five employees, who produce about 8,000 barrels of beer in 2014, with plans to make as much as 14,000 barrels in 2015.
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The brewery has doubled its production of Gandhi-Bot every year since it was released, and the response has been extremely good. Customers wait in long lines at the brewery to fill large glass growlers of the beer. Gandhi-Bot is a highly rated brew, according to many US media reports.

Some time ago New England Brewing had a friction over one of its beer labels. Its Imperial Stout Trooper label featured a Star Wars storm trooper helmet, which resulted in a cease-and-desist letter from Lucas Films. In response, the brewery disguised the storm trooper helmet with Groucho Marx glasses — the comical empty frames with fluffy eyebrows, a nose, and mustache. 
The company's quick and positive reaction is good and commendable. Glad finally the curtain is drawn on the controversy over a popular brew involving father of Indian nation - Gandhi's name and image on an alcoholic brew.   

Image credit: New England Brewing Company