Colonial British ghosts!! - Spooky, haunted places in India

Brijraj Bhavan Palace in Kota,Rajasthan,

No country on this earth is free from the  belief in the existence of ghost. The manifestations of the spirits of the departed soul  are different  and widespread, dating back to animism or ancestor worship in pretty old  cultures. Darkness  spells evil and is  always associated with fear, so do ghosts and paranormal forces. The question of activities of ghost or spirits has been a bone of contention for decades, but majority of the people are afraid  to go out alone in a far off place, away from human habitations at night.

Perhaps, people are gripped by fear psychosis caused by anxiety or preconceived belief.  In India elders in the rural areas do talk about the presence of good spirits as well as bad spirits.  But, there are no records of men confronting such scary spirits head on.  In many cultures, particularly in Hinduism certain religious practices—funeral rites, exorcisms, and some practices of spiritualism  —are specifically prescribed  to calm/ rest the spirits of the dead. Ghosts are generally described as solitary in nature and they haunt particular locations, objects, or people they were  frequently associated with in life.

In rural India  as portrayed in  many Indian movies,  ladies wearing loose, semi transparent white gown or saris with disheveled hair were reported to appear or haunt certain places where they tragically died or suffered trauma in life most probably  caused by their husbands. The following incidents involving ghosts may interest you.

There is a place called  Brijraj Bhavan Palace in Kota, Rajasthan Which was once  the British Residency and the home of Major Charles Burton, 40th Bengal Native Infantry posted to Kota. He with  his family had lived there for 13 years. While on official duty in Madhya Pradesh, he was asked to get back to Kota purportedly by the Maharajah of Kota. The Burtons returned there on 13th Dec. 1857. A few days later a large troop arrived and Burton mistook them for King's soldiers. The troops, once entered the residence, were after him and his family. Burton with his sons took refuge in the upper level of the palace. After several hours of fighting they were caught  and later killed. Burton and his family members were buried there on the palace premises with full military honors. As we all know about the famous Indian mutiny - rebellion against the British for their atrocities  in 1857. During the rebellion many British including women and children were unfortunately murdered by the hell-bent soldiers. During the mutiny of 1857 Major Burton was murdered by the sepoys along with his whole family inside the palace.

After this very sad and unfortunate tragic incident, the spirit of the major has been  around the palace regularly. In real life the major seemed to be a good, but mischievous man. So after death his spirit does not do any harm except that he has the weird habit of knuckling the head or slapping the security guard when he goes into a snoozing mode. Glad, the English major besides being not a vigilante is a good ghost and keeps the sleepy guard of the palace alert and watchful. Is he not duty-bound even after death?

Simla, the state capital of Himachal Pradesh is a beautiful hill station. Once it was the summer capital of the Raj and Lord Curzon liked it very much. Simla and the surrounding places in the foot hills of the Himalayas attract  thousands of people every year and they visit this place to enjoy the pleasant climate and the enchanting scenery around the places. 

Tunnel no 33,

Above image: Tunnel no 33, Simla HM, India : This tunnel is situated on the Simla-Kalka road and it is believed that a man named Colonel Barog lives in the tunnel even after his death.

Near Simla there are tunnels through the mountains for the road and train track. Perhaps, terribly disturbed by the sweltering heat, a ghost visits tunnel 33 which is being called a spooky place. One  British Colonel Barog, it is believed, for some unknown reason was fired from the work. Grief-stricken and depressed,  the colonel took his life here in the tunnel. There are stories of people seeing the colonel  talking to the people asking for lighters. He does not harm people.

Writers’ Building, a beautiful building in Kolkata now houses some government departments. Built in 1777, East India company had its office there. This historical building, it is said, is a haunted place. One Colonel N. S. Simpson, Inspector General of Police was arrogant, autocratic and ruthless an so he got a pretty bad name in the society. On a sunny morning of 8th December, 1930 three revolutionaries from Bengal shot dead the unfriendly, intemperate Colonel  Simpson.

Writers’ Building, Kolkata, W.Bengal,

Many believe that the spirit of the colonel still  resides there in the place where he was shot dead and there are reports  by the roadside vendors  of footsteps and baritone voices or even some cries and giggles during the night. Glad he does  not harbor vengeance and trouble the people working there.

As for the veracity of the above incidents, I am at a loss to comment on them except to conclude on the note that  "there is no smoke with out fire.

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