Impressive Mahadeva temple, Kazhakoottam, Kerala

.Sree Mahadeva Temple,Kazhakuttom.Kerala,

Largely  based on the geography and climatic conditions,  the Hindu Temple architecture in the southern state of  Kerala  is  unique and is different  from other parts of India. Another distinctive feature is large quantity of  quality wood is used  for construction work, particularly,  in the inner frame work  as the state is rich in forest cover. The steep slanting roofs are most suitable for places that experience good rain fall and such a style of design is found in the places of worship in the foot hills of the Himalayan regions of NE India. Simplicity in style  is  the  hall  mark  of  Kerala  temples which are  built  with a combination of stone work, wood work, colorful paintings and stucco work. The garbagraha (sanctum sanctorum) is called  ''Sri Kovil.'' The Kerala temple roof style resembles those found in the Himalayan regions and those in East Asia.

Mahadeva  temple, located in the village  of Kazhakoottam,18 km north of Thiruvananthapuram City is  an ancient temple, and is considered one of the 108 Siva temples of Kerala. It was, it is believed,  established during 10th century A.D. According to records available,  renovation of the temple was done in the year 1470 A.D and it  implies that this temple of antiquity must be older than 1470 A.D.  The temple occupies  an area of 4½ acres of land, which is the second largest in Thiruvananthapuram district, the first being Sri Padmanabha Swamy temple complex, in the capital city.

Mahadeva temple,Kazhakoottam,

Devotees  come here in large number to offer prayer for health reasons, salvation and  peace of mind.  The  ruler of  Travancore region Marthanda Varma , who ruled  during 1729-58, had buil this three storied - thri-thala temple,  including the tower-gopura, garbagraha (sri kovil or sanctum), besides minor shrines.  Chitur Mutt and Mambally Mutt managed the temple administration initially and later it was taken over by the Tharavad of Kazhakoottathu Pillai.

The Shivalinga idol worshiped here is  a large one  8¼ feet in height and 5 feet in  diameter. An interesting feature of the idol of principal deity here is one-third  of the idol can be seen above the floor  and two-third is below the ground. The other idols in the temple are Lord Ganapathy, Lord Maha Vishnu, Lord Sri Krishna, including  Lord Sastha (Ayyappan). Temple pooja ritual is done 5 times a day. The 10  day annual festival in April-May is well known. Presently  the temple is governed by Travancore Devaswom Board under the government of Kerala. The architecture of this temple, as in other places of Kerala, is very simple, but elegant and impressive with  steep slanting tiled roof.
Mahadev temple.

Tit -bits:

Kazhakkoottam  village is a popular home to  many famous exponents of Kalaripayattu, the ancient martial art of Kerala which originated as a style in Kerala during the 13th Century AD. It is considered to be one of the oldest fighting system in existence.

The other places of tourist interest are
Kazhakuttam Palace and a cave temple. Pallipuram, Madavoorpara and Kaniyapuram are some of the major tourist centers near Kazhakkoottam.