Ms.Santosh Yadav, first woman to scale Mt.Everest twice

Ms.Santosh Yadav' scaled Mt. Everest twice'
For highly spirited  and motivated woman undertaking a challenging outdoor sports adventure is beset  with a lot of bottlenecks such as physical and mental preparations, health problems, besides  discouragement from her close relatives. Setting aside all these impediments  and surging past other barriers, if she achieves the otherwise  most difficult  targeted goal, personally it is a great triumph for her that is worthy of admiration and emulation. 
.Everest South Col
For an Indian woman, who already stood atop the roof of the world - highest peak Mt. Everest, repeating the same feat after knowing all the inherent difficulties, is something unique and rare.  Santosh Yadav, an Indian  mountaineer  was the first woman in the world to  have climbed Mt. Everest twice, and also  first woman  to  scale Mt. Everest from the side of  Kangshung Face, among the toughest mountain faces in the world.

Ms. Santosh Yadav, hailing from a  large rich family  Joniyawas village in Rewari District, Haryana state, India  graduated from Maharani College, Jaipur, Rajasthan,  and developed keen interest in mountaineering from her childhood. Charmed by the majestic snow-covered mountain peaks, she used to do  paintings of snow-clad peaks, using her own imagination. Over a period of time, tall sentinels of the sky gave her inspiration. However, her  parents were dead against  her passion for  dangerous  high- altitude mountaineering. With money saved from 
The lure of the Himalayas attracts more than 100,000 hikers, including 40,000 Brits, each year
pocket expenses,  she joined the Uttarkasi's  Nehru Institute of Mountaineering to undergo necessary training and at the same time, in consideration of her professional carrier development  she was preparing herself for  the  highly  competitive IAS exam to take up higher level Government job.  She successfully climbed Mt. Everest  in May, 1992  when she was just 20 years old being the first woman to achieve this great feat. She repeated the feat for the second time in 1993 as a member of an Indo -
 Kangshung Face Trip. east face of Mount Everest
Nepalese women's expedition. This time she tried East Face to reach the summit.

Ms. Yadav was a gritty and highly motivated person because she daringly risked her life for the second time. In the Himalayan mountains, scaling the tall snow clad peaks is a highly risky one because of prevalence  of terrible cold wind, snow storms, unpredictable now avalanches and huge crevasses along the arduous route. In 1992 on her early expedition to Mt. Everest, her co-climber was short of breath due to depleting oxygen in the cylinder.  With timely presence of mind,  she saved the life of a climber by sharing oxygen with him till he was back to normal. In recognition of her  two successful assaults on mt. Everest, Ms. Santosh Yadhav was given  Padmasri award  from the Central government

Now married  she is with  BSF, Govt. of  India.