Poovar Island, an isolated silent paradise, Kerala

Poovar island near Thiruvntha puram, Kerala, floating resorts. www.trekkr.in
Poovar island near Thiruvntha puram, Kerala, coconut groves along the water ways. www.visitindia.org.in
Poovar, a popular  tourist destination in the Thiruvanantha puram District of Kerala state, South India, it is believed, derieves its name from ''poo - var'' (in local parlance meaning flower and river)  commented with astonishment by king of Travancore, Marthanda Varma (1706–58) upon seeing abundant flowers floating in the near-by Neyyar river in the Spring season fallen from the trees lined on its banks. This village, almost at the southern tip of Trivandrum, has a beautiful beach which attracts lots of tourists. Here one can be at perfect peace with oneself, and be free from the humdrum of daily monotonous life. It is an  ideal remote getaway location for a quiet holiday in spectacular natural surroundings in God's own country. 
This natural tropical inland is endowed with scenic beauty and  and serene environment dominated by dreamy golden beach, calm Kerala backwaters, flanked by the Arabian Sea on one side and the dense, wooded  tall Western  Ghats on the other side. The estuary here has an open access  during high tides to the vast sheet of water - the Arabian sea, that  witnessed the ancient mercantile trade in Kerala's high quality spices, etc  and the first arrival of Europeans on the coastal Malabar - the historical landing of Vasco De Gama from Portugal in 1498 on the Kappad beach near Kozhicode (Calicut).
In the midst of mild swaying of  lines of  coconut  trees and their beautiful silhouette nicely cut  in the evening sundown, endless sandy beaches, mild chirping of tropical birds in the background and quiet atmosphere you will just forget yourself, get lost and positively go into a reverie.  Added to this nature's creation is the rich, lush green vegetation that forms the magical carpet for nature lovers.
Poovar Island. www.keralatravelpal.com
Opportunities  for a memorable stay in this place of perfect stillness are plenty if you let your wallet go lose. There are Ayuvedha centers, where the oil massages will help you relax and rejuvenate your energy and special natural treatments  for age related health ailments are available. For comfortable stay, numerous lodges are available. There  are floating as well as landing cottages set in an ideal ambiance to suite your budget.  Not satisfied with these, one can go for a nice boat drive to golden beaches  through calm sun-lit backwaters opening out to the ocean and  golden beach.

Some interesting  facts:

Poovar Island, sundown, Kerala.www.tripadvisor.in
01. It was in 1,000 BCE, it is believed, that ships owned by King Solomon of Israel landed in Ophir,- King Solomon traded with  Ophir,  a  city  on  the  Kerala coast; either it is Bepur near Kozhikode / Puvar near Thiruvanantha puram. Poovar was an important mercantile trading center for spice, sandalwood, ivory and timber. 

02. When Poovar was under the control of Chola dynasty (later half of the 9th century till the beginning of the 13th century) of Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu,  was a well known sea port.

03. Malik Deenar, ( believed to have died in  648 CE), a Muslim preacher from Iraq, built one of the oldest mosque here.