Funny quotes 10

Poor mindset:
Cartoons making fun of Digital

"Indian mindset will never show any  sign of  change 
despite the advent of new modern  technology, 
inventions and better economy."

Indian justice

Changing ideas:

"No purpose will be ever served if one keeps 
changing ideas and opinions like a weather cock that 
turns quickly, depending on the wind direction."

Remaining mute:

"I would rather remain silent and would have others  
believe that I am a fool or a bozo rather than open 
my flapping, garrulous mouth to prove it."
      .......  A messgage on the wall of company lady  secretary."

Mute deaf


Demon Ravana.

  "Tyranny has many faces, just like the gods  and 
goddesses in the Hindu pantheon."

Hindu mythology -demon Ravanna.

 Too much talking:

six shooter:

"Too much talking or over blabbering is useless and 
will not give any positive results. It is as bad as 
shooting a six-shooter at random." 

shooting cowboy