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Mathura city in the state of Uttar Pradesh is one of the holiest places for the Hindus just like Banares, Rameswaram, Badrinath or Kadarnath, et al.  Like  Kumbakonam city of Tamil Nadu, Mathura and its surroundings have one of the highest concentrations of temples in India. Every day thousands of pilgrims visit this  place  that happens to be the birthplace of Lord Krishna and  it is also the site of a great Sri Krishna Janmabhoomi Temple.
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Shri Krishna Janmbhoomi, a  celebrated  religious temple in the  middle of city of Mathura is the birthplace of  Hindu god Lord Krishna who was  born in a prison cell belonging to Kamsa, his uncle. The Sri Kovil or Garbha Griha', on the temple premise is believed to be the  the exact location where Bhagawan Sri Krishna was born thousands of years ago to Devaki, Kamsa's sister.  Mathura  is situated on the banks of river Yamuna and is approximately 145 km from the capital city Delhi. There are famous  towns  Govardhan, Nandgaon and Vrindavan; the area is a major pilgrimage site for Hindus.
Every Hindu is aware of Sri Krishna's story and why the God took the avatar on this earth and later his major role in the Kurushetra war between Pandavas and Kauravas.  It was predicted that Kamsa a demon king, would be slain by the 8th baby born to his sister Devaki. Kamsa, being greedy and  cruel had no sympathy for  his  own sister  and her  husband  Vasudev. Consequently he imprisoned them and killed every child born to her while in jail. The almighty had a different plan and when Sri Krishna was born the entire jail staff was under a spell and the baby was taken to Gokulam where Baghavan was being brought up by the Yadhavas. His place was taken up by a baby girl in the jail. Upon hearing the birth of child Kamsa came to the jail to kill the baby girl. The divine girl escaped from his hand and warned him about his impeding death and the divine baby was being brought up elsewhere. At last Sri Krishna killed the demon king and saved the people from his repressive rule. During several excavations, many statues and sculptures of great antiquity were found in the birth place of Sri Krishna. where lord Krishna was born. The stone walled cell is reminiscent of the cruelty of King Kamsa. Many statues and sculptures of the bygone era were found on excavating the site. The prison cell was gradually turned into the present beautiful temple. Lakhs of devotees offer prayer
on the birth day of Sri Krishna at the temple here during Janmashtami, also known as "Gokulashtami" in Tamil Nadu and other southern states. The festivities and celebrations  are common all over India and Hindus visit Sri Krishna temples in their areas and offer prayer with devotion and Bakthi.  Celebrations normally begin during mid night with the birth of Baghawan.
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 Lots of Hindu families in India and abroad visit this place for intense prayer and blessings from Lord Krishna  because Lord Vishnu took the incarnation of Sri Krishna (Krishna avatar) right here in this place over which this shrine was built centuries ago. Hence it is considered  as one of the holiest temples in India.