Funny quotes 13

Real English:

John Bull, Ebglishman,

 "It is impossible for an Englishman to open his 
mouth without making some other Englishmen hate 
and despise him."

                           .... according to Bernard Shaw


English preacher and Gandhian way,

 English royalty:

Royal procession,

British royals,

"To the Royal English families,  who are steeped 
in old values and tradition, what matters more are 
how you butter your toast, roll up your napkin  and 
how you hold your  knife and fork at the dinner table 
than  whether you are a genius, a Nobel Lauriat or a 

Man and woman:

Man & woman,
Man & woman

Woman with a Rolling Pin Chasing a Man

"The discernible difference between a man 
and a woman is the latter has the strength and 
ability to keep the entire village agog, if need be, 
can turn the tides in her favor and keep the same 
village in agony."  

Free world and prison: 

Distinguishing Armed Schools from Prisons
Overcrowded Prisons,

"As a matter of fact more smart and intelligent 
people are confined within the prescient of four 
walls - prisons / slammer than in the real outside 
world  without walls where the culprits, real 
murderers, cheats, profligates and others breathe 
the fresh air and hold  the public ever in ransom."