Historical Atala mosque, Jaunpur, UP

 India has innumerable historical monuments that are constant reminders of the once glorious Muslim rule and the legacy of various Muslim rulers of the by-gone era. Particularly, Uttar Pradesh (Used to be known as United Province during the British rule) has beautiful buildings and mosques built by  rich Muslim rulers. The Atala Masjid is a well-known tourist site and is being visited by lots of people

The Jaunpur Atala Masjid,  built by Sultan Ibrahim (1402–1436), Sharqi Sultan of  Jaunpur  on 
foundations   laid during the reign  of  Tughluq Sultan Firuz Shah III (1351–1388), is one of the important Monuments/Sites  in UP. This famous site is under the control of ASI of Government of India. Construction  of the mosque that began in 1377 was completed only in 1408.  A Madarsa named Madarsa Din Dunia is housed in central courtyard of the mosque. Atala mosque stands on a site that was once  a Hindu temple dedicated to Atala Devi  built
Atala Masjid - I - Jaunpur, Uttar Pradesh. www.trekearth.com

by Vijay Chandra. The impressive central dome almost 17 meters high above the ground can not be noticed from the front  because of the presence of  a tall tower (at 23 meters).  It is the  first mosque to be built after the independence of Jaunpur from the Islamic Caliphate in India. The three unequal domes above its roof and the large court with its two storey porticoes are  main features of  medieval Muslim architect. 

screen wall- upper floor galleries  meant for female worshippers. muslimheritage.com

The main feature of this historical Mosque is the central ornate Mihrab, made of stone with ribbed nichefixed in the western wall of the central room and accompanied by a stone Minbar. The two wings flanking the prayer hall are  as high as two-story structure, arranged around the side domes and their Mihrabs and having separate access to the courtyard.

As mentioned earlier Atala mosque was  built by Ibrahim Shah before pulling  down the Atala Devi Temple built by the local Hindu ruler Vijay Chandra.
Atala Masjid - IV - Jaunpur, Uttar Pradeshwww.trekearth.co

Atala Masjid or Atala Mosque is a 15th-century mosque in Jaunpur, Uttar Pradesh; located 2.2 km north-northeast of Jaunpur, 7.3 km northwest of Zafarabad,