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1816 painting  by Arthur William Devis. Sir David Ochterlony
The Shaheed Minar  (English: Martyrs' Monument), is a historical  monument in Kolkata in memory of one Major-General Sir David  Ochterlony  GCB (1758 – 1825), who served under Lord Lake in the battles of Koil, Aligarh and Delhi. Formerly known as  the Ochterlony Monument, it was built  in 1828. He  became a resident of Delhi in 1803 in recognition  of  his  able administrative and military services to the English company. No sooner had he been promoted as  the commander of the British East India Company in 1804, he successfully commanded the English army in defense of  Delhi against the Marathas in the same year itself.  He also won the war for the East India Company against the Gurkha in the Angelo-Nepalese war (1814–15). 
Sir David Ochterlony British General - Antique Print

The  expenses for the monument designed by J. P. Parker were met through public subscription and funds. Work began in 1825 and completed in 1826. This monument in August 1969 was renamed and rededicated to the memory of the  freedom fighters who lost their lives during the freedom struggle. It is a great memorial for the Indian martyrs of the Indian freedom movement and was  renamed the "Shahid Minar," which means "martyrs monument" in both Bengali and Hindi.  The monument underwent some major changes to attract more tourists.

It is located in the Esplanade area of  central Kolkata in the north east part  of the Maidan. The tower that rises to a height of 157 ft - 48 m is quite visible in this area and was built on a solid foundation.The  classical fluted column has two parts - a Syrian upper portion and a Turkish cupola - dome. There are two balconies atop the tower. The top floor of the Minar  can be accessed by a circular staircase, consisting of a total of 223 steps. It was built by the Burn and company.
The vast open space to the south of Shaheed Minar, is referred to as  as the Shaheed Minar Maidan or the Brigade Ground where political rallies and fairs used to be held. It has a history of holding political rallies and fairs.