Historical Hindola Mahal, Mandu

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The Hindola Mahal is a tourist destination in the ruined city of Mandu, Madhya Pradesh. Hindola Mahal means “Swinging Palace”, a large meeting hall, or durbar built by the local ruler. It is believed to have been constructed during the reign of Hoshang Shah about 1425 C.E. or towards the end of the 15th century during the reign of Ghiyas al-Din.
The plan of the Hindola Mahal
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The royal palace is a complex, comprising  the Jahaz Mahal, the Hindola Mahal, the Tawili Mahal, and the Nahar Jharokha. Among them he Hindola Mahal might have been used as a meeting hall - audience to meet the people. The palace is a 'T' shaped building with a main hall and a a transverse projection at the North. The six arched openings on both sides of the hall have windows on top, with beautiful tracery work, facilitating air circulation and light inside the building. Inside the building it will be comfortable during hot summer.
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 As found in many old buildings, the side walls are given additional strength with massive slopes to reduce the vertical force exerted by the lofty arches, supporting the ceiling. . Its "T"- shaped projection was later added to provide a well-guarded approach for the king. The Interior of Hindola Mahal is  designed like a cross in such a way, there is a main passage leading to the hall and by another passage crossing it at right angles in the mid passages. The building shows various construction materials suggesting that the additions were made at different period.