The curse of Natini,Timangarh Fort, Rajasthan

Timangarh  historical fort.
Timangarh  historical fort
Timangarh is a famous historical fort situated near Hindaun in Karauli District, Rajasthan. The fort was abandoned long ago as far back as 300 years ago and since then it has not been used by any ruler. According to residents living in the neighborhood that the deserted fort carries a curse(of Natini) and that this is the reason why it remains unoccupied. However, anti socials, smugglers  and robbers sneaked into the fort to lay their hands on the valuable, beautifully made idols of gods and goddesses stored inside the fort. The idols have been removed from the fort and taken to Delhi and other places for safe upkeep by the government agencies.

As for the curse of Natini, the story goes like this:  The ruler of this place had a row with a local  trapeze artiste, Natini and had challenged her to tight walk over a long rope stretching  two km near the entrance and  he would give her half of his kingdom if she successfully accomplished this feat.  Natini, being a talented artist had neither hesitation nor reservation about the deal. She got down into business and successfully completed the  first course from one side to the other. She had to complete the return course by walking on the rope to the starting point. In the mean time the wives (Ranis) of the ruler came to know about the challenge and were concerned about retention of the kingdom and were furious about the ruler's foolish deal. Having no other solutions on hand, they had the tight rope cut  midway when Natini was walking over it. It was done at their instigation and consequently  Natini fell  on the ground hard and died. Before her death, she placed  a curse on the king and his progeny that the impressive fort would fall into ruins  and lose its regal status.

According to a Brhamin priest living in the neighborhood, whose forefathers were priests  centuries ago during the king's reign, the fort was a massive one and because of  Natini Curse, the fort after her death, became crumbled and whoever lived there became stone. Many valuable  idols and treasures were stolen and sold worldwide from this fort in the past. The nearby city is Hindaun.