Funny quotes and humor - 22

 Lovely and lowly words:
"Two words are lovely in the English language:        Cheque enclosed,

Two words are ugly /lowly in the English language: Cheque bounced".

Politicians  and diapers:
"Politicians are like diapers. They both need changing regularly 

obviously for the same reason".  (widely quoted in the USA)

  Prevalence of differences:
"Accusations and counter accusations prevail when politicians are around,

Jealousy prevails where beautiful women gather around,

Class distinctions and differences will raise its ugly head where 

royals and aristocrats gather around and discuss their servants, 

villa and the new diamond jewelry".
 Fist & Brain:
 "Do not ever  fail to make your conjunctions with your brain; but 

never ever with your fist or something else, for you will be one 

step away from hell".