Funny quotes and humor - 25

Roots of philosophers:
''If you go deep down and trace the roots of great philosophers or Indian saints (sanyasis), almost most of them were battered husbands".

"A man's name or prestige may be sacrificed  in a moment of ill-conceived action.  Watch out!  If people, who do us honor by way of falling on their knees before us, may be, the first ones to throw stones of malice at us, if failure settles its clouds on us".

 Wrong bed-fellows:
"The country will not progress if three strange fellows share the same bed - politicians, media people and lobbyists.
 Of course, their life-style and economy will progress, not so

Running Errands:
"There is not much of  a difference between life before and after marriage. Now, I am running errands for my beloved, loving wife; but before I was doing the same thing for my obnoxious and intemperate boss".    
                                             .......  lament of a new husband

Institution of marriage:
"Marriage, when respected and revered is, an institution to be adored. When not respected, trampled upon and solemn vows are thrown to the wind, it is nothing but prostitution to be reviled".