Graceful Malayalapuzha Bhagavathy temple, Kerala

Malayalapuzha Bhagavathy  temple,
Malayalapuzha Bhagavathy  temple, Kerala.
The Malayalapuzha temple  located 6 km east of Pathanamthitta town, the capital town of Pathanamthitta District is  a popular one and lots of devotees make a beeline to this place to get relieved from various problems  that we commonly face in this busy world, including  black magic. It is about 106 km from the state capital Thiruvanthapuram and is believed to be 1000 years old. The presiding deity -  Bhadra Kali Devi in her ferocious  posture (after killing the demon Dharika)  is called  'Malayalapuzha Amma' (Malayalapuzha Mother). The goddess is ferocious in appearance towards wicked and  evil-minded people but is always graceful to the people who come her for her blessings and protection. There are two idols - one for abhisheka - anointing of the idol and the other for Sree Bali  a daily ritual. The Devi Temple, built amidst five hills called Uppidampara mala, Pulipara mala, Cherukunnathu mala,Oottupara mala, and Achakanna mala, used to follow the 'Kaula' Tantric way of worshiping  and animal sacrifices were done in olden days to propitiate the goddess, but later they were banned by the government. This temple is known to help those affected by spells or black magic (Soonyam in Tamil) used by foul-minded persons to take revenge, etc. The Tantriks conduct a ritual called Chavirakku' to remove the black magic from the victims  by using flying fowl birds. It is believed that the spirits of the dead are driven away for good, and after this ritual the victims are taken to the deity for prayer and her blessings. This temple is also noted for helping unmarried girls to get married soon, besides blessing the devotees with overall prosperity.

The devotees on the temple premises and inside the sanctum get emotional upon seeing the goddess, who is  graceful and pour our their pent-up feelings and frustration experienced by them in this trouble - ridden world. They do it in the strong belief that their personal problems will be taken care of by the deity and get back home with free mind, leaving their problems with the goddess. In the western word people seek the help of Shrinks!!
Malayalapuzha Bhagavathy  temple, Kerala.
Unlike many temples where the deities are made of  alloyed metal or stone, ,the idol 5 1/2 feet tall, is made of what is called 'Kadu Sarkara Yogam, consisting of various ingredients such as Turmeric, Sandalwood Camphor,Gold, Silver,Sand, various herbs, wood pieces, jaggery, turmeric, camphor, etc well pasted together with natural glue. At the time of consecration, the Tantrik chant mantras and energize the idol that will benefit the visiting devotees. Here the Vedic methods are not used, only Tantric methods are used to deal with black magic, etc.Tantric methods are explained in Atharvana Veda. This kind of worship in many parts of Kerala. Such worships are rarely followed in other states.

There are deities  such as Shiva Linga (Syambhu -self manifested),  Baby Ganapathy,Murukan, and Sastha.  As mentioned, special puja called Raktha Pushpanjali' is performed to find relief for problems related to spells, black magic cast by the enemies. The sweetened rice known as 'Chathussatham' is offered  by the devotees for leading a prosperous and peaceful life. To lead a healthy life devotees bring flying fouls and set them free on the temple premises.these rituals are popular here. Among the offerings, 'Thoniyari Payasam (Sweet rice,etc), Ney Vilakku (Lighting ghee lamp), Nirapara (Offering of giving rice, Paddy, sugar, etc in a measuring vessel known as 'para' in full measures), etc are well-known.

The annual temple festival begins  on Thiruvathira star day in the Malayalam Month of Kumbham and Aarattu  (the Eleventh day). Other Hindu festivals that are held here are Vinayaka Chathurthi, Navarathri, Sivarathri Vinayaka Chathurthi,.Tuesdays and Fridays are considered most auspicious days are more important than other days and there will be heavy rush on those days.