Some interesting facts of Palaivana Nathar temple, Tamil Nadu

Sri Palaivana Nathar Temple, Thiruppaalaitturai,
Sri Palaivana Nathar Temple, Thiruppaalaitturai, Papanasam. www.
Palaivana Nathar Temple, built during the reign of the Chola Kingdom, is spread over an area of 3 acres of land. The temple has two prakarams  - court yard / corridors. It is about 15 miles from the famous temple city of Kumbakonam in Thanjavur district. There are several  stone inscriptions belonging to the Chola dynasty and Vijayanagara period found on the temple walls here. It is also one among the  Shiva temples glorified in Thevaram, a Tamil canonical work of great antiquity. This temple is known for a world famous granary made of bricks and lime to store paddy. It was built 400 years ago by Ragunatha Nayak (1600 -1634) of Thanjavur Nayak  kingdom. Its capacity is 3000 kalams or measures.

The following are interesting facts:

.. This is one of the 8 temples in Chola Kingdom where Lord Shiva and Ambal are seen in a Kalyana Kolam(together in wedding posture)

.. Lord Sri Rama who  performed Pooja at 108 Shivalaya temples across India and graced this temple, hence the deity is called  "Rama Lingam".

.. On the Vijaya Dasami day, Lord Rama also placed his Bow and Arrow on the base of Vanni Tree,  performed Shiva pooja and prayed for gaining victory against Ravana, the king of Lanka. 

..Taking the form of  Bhikshandar and Mohini, once Shiva appeared before the sages  who were on  intense penance. Not knowing the truth, they created a tiger from the Homa Kundam  and set it on the almighty. Shiva killed the tiger and appeared before them  here at Palathurai (near Papanasam), wearing the tiger's skin.

.. Here sage Vashista installed the  Shiva lingam to seek the title Brahmma Rishi. On Lord's instruction  sculptor Vishwakarma  installed  a beautiful  idol of Ambal - goddess south of this Sannidhi. Seeking the title of Brahma Rishi, Vashista installed a Shiva Lingam and undertook severe penance. Pleased with his prayers, Shiva blessed him.

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.. Worshiping the Lord Palaivana  Nathar and the Vanni tree on the Tamil month of Puratasi, it is believed, will  relive a person of his  sins during this birth and the previous births.

.. During the period of Kulothunga Chola I and Kulothunga Chola III of the Chola Dynasty  made generous contribution for the development and maintenance of the temple. 

This historical temple has lots of visitors and the State Archeology department has considered this temple and the huge Granary within the prescient of this temple.