Funny quotes and humor - 29

Lesson to rookie politicians:
Furious Gandhi statue.

Rich politicians' worry.
At a party meeting  in Shimla, capital of Himachal Prades,  a middle aged, well experienced  politician gave a pep talk, of course, with full of sum and substance before a group of rookies (budding politicians):
public always at the receiving end.

"A true and matured politician is the one who turns the 'difference' into a  divide, controversy into acute crisis, 'boon' into doom, a 'flop' into furor, 'discussion hour' into pandemonium, 'enmity' between groups into a pitched battle and opponent's weakness to his advantage...... Now, you have learned 75% of the trade. If you  want go beyond 90% category, you should learn how to 'hoard' your boodles and and 'cover up' all the allegations against you as if you had nothing to do with them. If you are timid and have  elements of scruple, you are unfit to be a politician."
A  wrong coalatiopn.

 Beware of small mistakes:
typographical mistakes
stranded man's

Tsunami december, 2004.
"Be careful about making mistakes, especially the small ones. The small mistakes that we make  in our lives, on the spur of the moment,  may look like fast moving ripples in the mid-ocean, but on reaching the right targets (shores), they may become huge Tsunami  tidal waves, gathering strength and power, and the devastating damage will keep us in bond till the sunset of our lives."
Tsunami  has no discrimination; so do the effects of mistakes.
A glaring medical mistake, an agony till the end.

Ladies' weapon:

A lady's tear as bad as a six-shooter or TNT sticks.
TNT and a woman.
"As for ladies, a few tear drops are more powerful and potent than a few hundred  strong words or a bundle of  big "TNT sticks."