Quotes for life - 07

Voice of the Saint:


To be attained by man : Purity of mind by ceaseless efforts.

To be eschewed : Association with the "I" ness and "MY" ness.

The great Tirtha : Pranava.

Deserving gift : Knowledge of Self.

Best form of enjoyment : Enjoying innate happiness - Sahaja Samadhi

Enjoyment that ought to be avoided : that obtained through the desires of others.

The most difficult : Truth

In-born in human :Brahman.

The greatest sorrow : Ignorance.

The greatest happiness : Peace obtained through the knowledge of the Self.

The supreme "Nectar" : The word of the preceptor.

The deadly poison :Worry about something relating to someone.

Right holiday for the studies : Till such a time as true preceptor arrives.

Deep concern of the humans : The material cause of the fast multiplying world and growing desires.

The most beautiful thing in the world : The activities of the learned.

Greatest act of devotion : Selfless serving of the saintly.

The duty of the self-realized : Work out the good and bad experiences residual upon previous Karma.

The greatest Kamadhenu : Faith in God, in Vedas, in one's preceptor and and in one's trust. 
                                    ........       Krishnananda Saraswati

Essence of all above :

Act and let your conscience be your guide. Be sincere to your duties without focusing on success. Success will come to you automatically. Follow the path of dharma and it will never fail you. Have trust in god that will give you inner strength and serve the needy people without expecting rewards. Respect your Guru or mentor. Do not aspire for too much materialistic life that is transient. Lead a contended life with what you have. Self-knowledge and inner strength will help you  get through the trials and tribulations in your life.