Falling behind: - how to come out of it unscathed?

Falling behind implies so many things, depending on the situation and what you are doing so on and so forth. A student may fall behind in his studies, so does an employee in his work. As for a person undergoing training, he lags behind in his learning process. The simple learning process purely depends on a combination of factors such as  commitments, motivation, confidence, and the urge to achieve the goal. The lack of any of these efforts will hamper one's progress.

Why do many talented people fall behind in their work?  The causes of slow progress  are of  three  types  

1. physical  well being,  02. mental well being  and 03. self-induced.  Fever, physical  injuries as a result of a fall, etc.,  may force a person to lag behind in his work. As for mental well  being, domestic problems, financial crunch, death of dear ones, etc., may hamper the progress. The first two  causes  can be tackled over a period of time and as the time goes  by, the person can come back to normal state. With respect to third category, it may be caused by poor interest, lack of motivation, lack of concentration, distraction, etc.
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Tackling the self-induced, slow progress is a challenge  and time consuming.  When I was a  high school student  I saw some of  my friends, who were far behind in their studies,  not only overshot the better students in the college, but also became successful   professionals  such as lawyers,  bank employees, etc. Reason: Their resolute nature to turn a new leaf in their lives, a life-long commitment that took them to higher levels in their career. But, this realization came to them only when they entered the portals of a college. On the other hand, many of my good high school students, after getting a degree in a college settled on a job and tried to be in the comfort zone. They did not risk moving out of the same company or government job and be contended with mundane existence. Since they left the high school they had failed to sustain their motivation  and commitments afterwards.  

Simply follow the following to keep your fighting spirits going:

01. Learn not to brood over the past, it  is no use and will  take you nowhere.  Set aside your failures or  past slow progress, etc., and try to move forward with your sight on the target.

02. Jot down all your weak points as well as positive points on a sheet of paper. This will give you some idea as to where you stand.Now, it will help you take the next step.

03. Concentrate on your negative points or weakness and try to eliminate them one by one. You might need patience and time and you can get rid of them overnight. Initially you have to have a sort of seesaw-battle in your mind. As for positive points, sustain them and keep a hold on them.

04. To start with,  take a resolution as you would take on the New Year day, that you will  keep moving  forward to  reach your goal unmindful of roadblocks on the chosen path. That you want to progress in your undertaking is itself the first  step in the right direction.


05. The feeling of falling behind will serve as a powerful motivator and make the best out of such a bad feeling.

05. Learn to deal with Social Pressure. Never mind the criticism. I know a motivator through my friend. He is an armchair critic. He spends most of his time criticizing others. A true motivator is the one who make a cripple get up and run the race. A lousy motivator is the one who will make a good runner a cripple. Learn the art of developing friendship with the right people not only on the social circuit but also outside of it. It will help you unleash your  dormant ambition and hidden skills. Redefine your relationship with the peer group and try to become a fast learner and performer

06. Growth acceleration can be achieved by way of allowing the feelings of  pain and  disappointment  flow freely for a while. Own those feelings. They’re temporary. Once they are gone, you no longer feel like you’re reprocessing those emotions. Slowly you’re likely to feel some relief and lightness afterwards. Once you push the past events behind and get them out of way, you can redeem yourself.

07. Once the negative feelings are gone, turn your attention to creating a positive vision of fresh action - going forward.  Redefine your short-term vision of success as a vision based on action, not on immediate results.

08. Once you gain confidence  and have a well defined vision based on action, do not be on the fast track to see quick results. You will end up falling in the pit. So don’t put too much pressure on yourself to achieve a specific result.

09. Do not anticipate what might happen in the future.  Define success as doing your best. Face the fear. Make the valiant effort. Don’t worry so much about the end result. As the Indian saying goes, put in your sincere efforts and tread the path of dharma - do justice yourself, every thing will fall in as you've expected.