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Traditional Indian wedding:

Hailing from a Conservative traditional family, the parents who believed in traditional Indian wedding, took their boy to see a girl to be chosen as his life partner. The unfortunate boy had no chance to choose a girl who could be mutually compatible.  Having seen the girl at her residence, the following day the boy described the girl to his closest pal:
cool as a moonZ. azzle
"Never have I seen a girl  whose beautiful face out shines that of a cool moon, whose body is as beautiful as that of Cleopatra, whose soul is just like that of Joan of Arc. and  who is as victorious as  Queen Victoria ....... Alas! when she opened her mouth, her voice was much worse than the Cry of Indian Peacock and  when she asked me all 
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Cleopatra, queen of Egypt. Shutterstock

Sea hag. Enchanted America -
kinds of weird questions, I realized that her heart was much worse than that of a Sea hag. In total, if my parents compel me to marry her, it will be as bad as my being in a pit with a huge bear ready to give me a "bear-hug".