Funny quotes and humor - 39

Shrink and his fees:
A message in the shrink's clinic:

Dear off-beat guys and gals: "Having trust in me, you have come to my clinic for a good remedy, so, I sincerely want your anxiety and frustrations doused and not to be exploded like a pack of dynamite sticks. When you leave my clinic after treatment,  you will be as calm as you can be and well composed.   So, see my secretary Ms. Screw Belle and find out from her my consulting fees that may depend on how long you lie  on the couch and  blabber and how long I am going to scribble about you " --------  Dr. Arun Antonio, MD (Psychiatrist).

"The two inseparable buddies  are  like gamblers and
capers; politicians and lies; gossips and  yapping women, Indian Sultans and harem and American Presidential or Indian PM candidates and their gaffes".

Harem Alamy
Orange County Register
Induced followers:
Eccentric people.
"The rich have a large followers for their money and display of their affluence.

The so called aristocrats and men with royal blood have huge followers for their amusing behavior and eccentricity.

Mad people do have a large gathering behind them for their   crazy and odd behavior.

Politicians have have their own group of men behind them,  neither for their intelligence, if they possess, nor for their ideology, but only for the MONEY they at  throw at them when they blindly say nothing but "YES"

Talkative mouth:
"When the ever-over-working talkative mouth is in a silent mode, so many heartburn, hard feelings and secrets  can be saved easily".